Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Hometown Shootout - Stairs, Paths or something like that

(Introductory note:  My header is unchanged this week.  In fact, I'm not sure how it happened but when I first started fiddling with the header on Fridays, I made a separate file so I couldn't lose the original - I recently noticed that my original header says "The Butler and Bagman Chronicles" and the one I use for changes says "The Bagman and Butler Chronicles" -- so you can usually tell whether I've played with it or not.  I'm revealing that secret so you don't have to waste time looking for something when it isn't there.)


I move across the B&B studio floor efficiently, seriously, and goal-centeredly.

BUTLER:  "Goal-centerdly?"

I don't even bother to respond to the subject of turning adjectives into adverbs with poetic license but just start posting pictures.

BAGMAN:  "In a hurry, Dude?"

BUTLER: "...again."

"I'ver got a wall to paint," I mutter.

BAGMAN: "Lighten up, Dude."

I don't even bother to respond to my aversion to being called "Dude."   Actually, come to think about it, I don't have an aversion to being called "Dude."   It makes me feel younger which not many things do these days. 

Anyhow, today's shoot is rather different for me because all of my selections are actually about my hometown, assuming that my hometown of Mount Pleasant also includes Charleston, North Charleston, and Bull's Island, which are all, at least close.

This is actually in Mount Pleasant
A relatively new walking path across marsh on either side.

A similar path on Bull's Island, accessible only by boat
There are hundreds of alligators on either side of this path
and the figures in the background are the intrepid Barclay
and my daughter, Jean.

You also need to be intrepid to walk through this haunted alley in Charleston
Philadelphia Alley, scene of many duels in the 18th and 19th Century.

Confederate Widows Home, Charleston
(Still home to many elderly women including the daughter
of a man who taught classes there in 1870 --
like walking into a living past)

Drayton Hall Staircase
One of the few Plantations that survived the Civil War

Entry to one of the many old houses in downtown Charleston

And in a more modern vein -
A railroad yard in North Charleston

Stairs in one of several parking garages downtown
(easy to understand why most people choose the elevator)

And while the Shootout Theme did not include roads
I couldn't resist the James Island Expressway
carrying comuters to Downtown Charleston across the Ashley River

And, dang it!  I had promised myself that this was going to be one hometown shootout where I stuck to my hometown.  But, now that I've reached the end, I can't bring myself to ignore one of my favorite paths even though it is in Tuscany.  Italy is a little far away to be considered a suburb of Charleston, but what the heck...

BAGMAN:  "Can we talk now?"

"No," I  reply, going to get the paint brushes. 


  1. Another nice collection from the mind of Mark. I like the gator path. Wonder where Bagman's path would have led us?

    Happy March!

  2. Yikes, that's a lot of intrepidity (is that even a word?!) Don't much like the idea of all those alligators! With humans I'm usually more afraid of the living than the dead, though.

  3. Ooooh is it really haunted, that alley in Charleston? The staircase in the parking garage is a very good picture. And in fact, I think there is a glimpse of a staircase in your header picture... but it is always there, isn't it?

  4. Well I will be okay with the photo from Tuscany. Who could resist that. Sitting here waiting out the tornado warnings all around. Been really bad in Ky.

  5. I like the parking garage stairwell. the bridge it a pathway also.... pathway defined as "Noun
    1. a path, course, route, or way." Oh, of course you knew that....
    you know that if there are gators on either side of the path - then there can be gators on the path....
    have a great week.

  6. Love the idea of alligators on either side of a path - as long as they stay there. Also like the menacing feel of the haunted path. The stairway just makes me feel giddy, it would be the elevator for me.

  7. That alley really does look haunted! I'm intrigued by the Confederate Widow's home, wow, what a piece of the south.

    I love Tuscany, and it's always a treat to see a photo from there.

  8. Love that shot of the stairwell, so well framed!

  9. haunted alley in Charleston: I am game if all the FSO gang go.

  10. I agree with Ann - let's all meet up and have a walk along Philadelphia Alley. Anyone mind if I end up coming as a ghost though.

  11. Wow, great choices. I love the haunted alley and the parking garage stairs. And the Drayton Hall staircase is a beauty! I've been working...and not having much blogging time. :( I sooo wanted to do this theme.