Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Disconnected Series of Events

  1. Series is probably not the right word because it connotes some form of order.
  2. It is 3:30 a.m. or at least it was a little while ago.
  3. Brian starts a new job tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. - or rather this morning at 8:00 a.m.
  4. Unless I save this post for another day since my haiku just posted automatically a little while ago.
  5. Melody is sleeping on the couch.
  6. I can't find the sling for my broken arm.  I think it is in the livingroom where Melody is sleeping on the couch.
  7. Brian is sort of sleeping on the blue recliner in the livingroom because he is a dutiful husband.
  8. I just heard the jingle of a collar and discovered Daisy had managed to shut herself up in Barclay's room. 
  9. Barclay is lord-knows-where, probably in the ER at MUSC.  Doctors don't sleep anyway and we haven't seen him for three days.
  10. Karen told me that Grandson Conner is sleeping on the couch with Melody. 
  11. I accept Karen's information without checking so I won't wake anyone. 
  12. Melody and Conner are both sick.
  13. It is freezing cold outside.  I know this because I had to give Daisy an emergency walk although she had already done a little doggy doo doo in Barclay's room.
  14. I know it is freezing because I walked Daisy barefoot in frosty grass because I couldn't find my shoes.
  15. It wasn't a very good haiku anyway.
  16. Karen is going to take a sick day from work tomorrow although she is not actually sick.   Otherwise, Brian would probably stay home to take care of Conner and Melody and calling in sick on your first day of work is usually frowned upon.
  17. A man is coming tomorrow to take down the Direct TV satellite dish and put up a Dish Network satellite dish so we can save $27 a month.
  18. I have an appointment in the morning with the orthapedic doctor to check on the progress of my arm.
  19. I don't have a clue where Noah is sleeping except that it is not in (A) the room where Karen is sleeping, (B) the computer room where I am typing, (C) Barclay's room where the dog pooped, or (D) outside in the frosty grass.
  20. My shoes are probably where my sling is.  I have other shoes but they all have laces which are hard to tie with  broken arm.
  21. I have a retirement meeting at the County office building tomorrow because the County needs budget cuts and is instituting incentives to get people to retire early.  I haven't completely decided but think I will retire in March.  Maybe.
  22. Brian snores very loudly.
  23. My broken arm is getting better.  Or maybe I'm better at knowing how not to move it the wrong way.
  24. It will start getting light outside in about two and a half hours.
  25. In the middle of the night I finished framing a picture of Brian, Conner, and Noah all in the same Coca Cola suit lying on the same bedspread.

  26. Brian (22 years ago)
    Conner (1 1/2 years ago)
    Noah (last month)
  27. Coca Cola reminds me that Pepsi Cola stock is very profitable this week because they are expanding into new overseas markets.
  28. I had planned to retire and take photographs and trade stocks but I will probably be helping raise grandchildren instead.
  29. The house is a jumbled pile of toys, dirty clothes, excess furniture, dirty dishes, pizza boxes, half eaten Subway sandwiches, cold medicine bottles, a lost sling, a pair of shoes, and dog poop.
  30. Bagman loves chaos.
  31. Butler hates chaos.
  32. The Christmas tree now has lights but still no ornaments. 
  33. I thought of another haiku but have since forgotten it.
  34. I'm beginning to get very sleepy.
  35. The house which was full of sneezing, coughing, crying, and snoring for most of the night is now totally silent. 
  36. I have a craving for peanut butter but if I sneak downstairs the dogs will wake up and bark.
  37. Stock futures in Europe point toward a down day on Wall Street which opens in five and a half hours.
  38. I haven't taken a single photograph since I broke my arm. 
  39. Somebody is walking around downstairs.  I'm pretty sure it isn't me.
  40. Writing disconnected events is like counting sheep.  I think I will post this and put my head down on the keyboard and take a nap.
  41. I wonder if I snore loudly too.  Probably.


  1. TV! T! V!
    Everything will be better in daylight.
    Sneak a small jar of pb into the nightstand, and you'll have your own convenient 3am stash, no tripping over people and awakening dogs necessary.

  2. I think your house sounds amazingly fun and alive! Congratulations--your random thoughts--which definitely and officially qualify as "tweets". LOVE, love, love the Coca-Cola suit (you should Photoshop yourself in there too).

  3. Sound like a wonderful Christmas season at your house---I don't think it is official without germs. Once the family and the doctor get their lives in order they will move out and you will wish so much you hadn't retired early...just sayin'.

  4. Sounds familiar. Used to be that way at our house but it is definitely an empty nest now. But, one never knows when one of the chicks will come back, usually with additional little peeps. Lol. Love it. Blessings

  5. I would be surprised if you had ever heard of the German author Walter Kempowski. He is my favourite contemporary German author (sadly, he died a few years ago, but I had the privilege of meeting him at a reading). He did something similar like your collection of seemingly unconnected thoughts and events; he called it "mental plankton". Makes sense, I think!

  6. glad your arm is better and hope your dr. appt. goes well. so, I am saving money also, I have dish. I can relate with all the busyness. My son and his two girls were living me until recently. now all is quiet........

  7. So glad he has a job, you have an arm, and you still have feet. What more could you want. :) Merry Christmas.

  8. That was a fab' post in my book. Incredible the way a supposedly disconnected series of events can start to make some sort of sense after awhile. (I had an aunt who advocated walking bare foot in the dew as an aid to longevity and a healthy life.)