Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great Achievements in Humerus Healing

I am dreading the challenges of physical therapy, although my bone doctor seems to think I only need to go once to learn exercises and that I am the kind of person who will do the exercises without some therapist with a whip.   But I have made great progress, according to Dr. Gilmore.  On the other hand he introduces himself as "Bubba" which made me look over my shoulder to check the license hanging on the wall.

But I have my own set of achievements by which I am measuring progress -- not a long list, but a meaningful one:

  1. A week ago -- dressing myself for work although I confess my shirt was not neatly tucked in on the left side and I wore some old worn loafers because I still haven't attempted tying laces.
  2. Three days ago -- sleeping the entire night in bed without having to get up at 2 a.m. and settle on the recliner. 
  3. Two days ago -- Buttoning my shirt with two hands.  This meant I finally got to work on time since buttoning my shirt with one hand took forever, including breaks for hand cramps. 
  4. Finally -- the big one!!!  This morning I managed to get my left hand close enough to my right armpit to apply deoderant!!!   I think everyone has been very happy with that one!
Whoo hoo!


  1. So sorry you're illin'! But I am glad you ain't stinkin'! Holiday cheer, my friend!!

  2. Oh, ouch. It does sound like you are making progress.

  3. This is a good reason for joy, so I'm linking you on the Share the Joy Thursday linky-thingy.

  4. Marvelous accomplishments in such a short time. ARE you the kind of person who doesn't need a whip to do your exercises? ;-) Happy Healing.

  5. Dr. Bubba...? Hmm... I think I would have wondered about where he got his license from, too. But anyway - HOORAY for all your progress!!

  6. Having had two knee replacements this year and the therapy that followed I know where you are coming from. Every advancement (even what would seem to be small ones to others) becomes reason for celebration. Keep up the good work.

  7. Ho Ho Ho...I'm off to PT and wishing you a happy holiday. Just don't drink over it. LOL

  8. Ho Ho Ho, all us old folks doing PT. I have been going for weeks for my lower back and right shoulder. Lots better for sure. I could not get my shoes tied either. Good for you ole buddy. Bubba who would have thought it. blessings