Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Shootout - Places of worship

This will be a short entry.  I'm using my blog time to do a tongue-in-cheek blog on Charelston's 150th anniversary celebration of the firing on Fort Sumter...

I've got some archive cathedral shots but I think I've posted the best ones already. 

Thinking about my own places of worship, there is one that stands out. 

For years, Karen and I have had a daily ritual -- mostly on weekdays -- in the mornings.  Whoever leaves first, will call the other one and we share a short daily reading over the cellphone and then take turns praying.  My prayers are usually pretty short and based on a suggestion from Alcoholics Anonymous that we pray "only for knowledge of God's will and the power to carry it out."

I don't go to church a lot and have to process a little bit of guilt about that, particularly in the Southern U.S. bible belt.   When I do go to church, I enjoy the prayer, the praise, the music, the environment -- but I usually have difficulty with sermons or sunday school lessons.  

This is because that, while I have an unshakeable belief in God and a sense of God's presence in my life, I have real difficulty with people who can define God and teach God's truth...this is good, this is bad...God likes this, God doesn't like that...

In fact, I even have difficulty with myself when I think too hard about what God is and what God isn't.  It seems to me that if God is really God -- the God of the whole Universe and not just the God of America, apple pie, and football teams -- then trying too hard to understand Him (Her, It, They) is a bit futile. 

I tend to think that the mosquito that lands on my arm and gets some sustainance from my blood is capable of understanding everything about me as about as much as I am capable of understanding everything about God.  So I pray a lot, meditate some, and have a consistent sense of a relationship beyond myself, but I try not to define it.  

And I try to avoid theological debates. 

But since this is actually a photoshoot, I will take one shot that I know I've used before but I rather like it so will risk repeating it.


  1. Wonderful words that ring so true and so sincere. I have been a "devout" Catholic all my life. Everything 'they' said I did or did not. At 73 I now see things so differently. I am devout but not so sure about the "they."

  2. Beautiful words beautiful photo, an inspiration! Happy weekend!


  3. a beautiful shot, and i forgot about my booklet Daily Bread, a devotional and also my 7 bibbles, they are indeed places of worship, as is the swing in my back yard. to understand God I read the Bible, and let him speak to me and tell me what is good and what is not, and not just what people say

  4. THAT is a great shot (worthy of repeating, although I don't recall it). What a sweet tradition you and your wife have!

  5. A very beautiful tradition both of you have!

  6. Love the slipped halo - I can identify with that. And that shot is well worth repeating! As for the text, I avoid theological discussions.

  7. Glad you recycled it -- I don't remember it.

  8. Well said! I agree with how you feel about the subject and that's a great picture. What a wonderful tradition you have with your wife.

  9. It's slipped off your ear, you know. :) Like that last shot a lot. Like your way of thinking a lot too.

  10. We all struggle with this. Those that do not struggle are not really thinking or feeling...they seem to just like being and never questioning.

  11. My sentiments exactly. Just in case, I have a statue or artifact of every religion in my folk-arty room. Jewish? I'm covered. Catholic? I'm covered. Buddhist? I'm covered. You get the idea.