Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I've just about unscrambled my semi-sleep-deprived brain and begun the morning chores.

We -- Kay and I -- are showing the house today at 11:45 to someone who rescheduled after not showing yesterday at 9:30.   Showing the house means that we vacate the house and drive around for awhile.  I'm still relaxed.  We have plenty of time.

I'm not quite sure whether Karen fed Kay before leaving or that I had fed her enough after Karen left.  So I'm fixing another bottle to make sure I can top her off  so she might possibily sleep so I can straighten the house before taking her cruising in the car.

Kay is in the swing which is suppose to have 6 speeds and although I've set it at the slowest speed it looks like a carnival fun ride, swinging her wildly from left to right.  And, of course, back again.  Kay seems to like the swing.  She always makes little slurping cooing sounds which I interpret to mean that she likes it but might, of course, mean that she is terrified out of her wits.  Although she may be too young to actually have wits.

This is the vibrating chair, Not the swing.
The cover to the swing is in the laundry.
Kay likes the vibrating chair too but it always
vibrates her to the bottom.

Fixing the bottle, I suddenly hear a sound that I have heard before.  I heard it a few weeks ago when I accidentally spilled half of a gallon of white paint onto the garage floor -- right after Karen had warned me to watch out for any drips from the brush and to clean them up right away.

Was Kay painting? 

I looked over and for a moment I was convinced that she had been.  White liquid covered her, her clothes, the chair and a part of the Persian rug.

I guess Karen had fed her before leaving after all. 

I'm no longer relaxed.  We no longer have plenty of time.  Oddly, Kay is smiling.

I switch into hyper-mode:  pick her up, rub whatever baby spit was left all over my clean shirt, undress both of us, throw on clean clothes, throw everything else in laundry...hyperventilate...put her in the car seat, throw in the carrying bag of diapers and the bottle which I don't know if she will need -- is she now empty? 

And just before the realtor pulls up to show our house, I run back in and grab a roll of paper towels.

You never know.


  1. Now the question is, Did you fasten Kay in the car seat? Your talent is definitely in narrative story telling. You always make me laugh. Try having 6 little ones to gather up at one time.LOL love it.

  2. You can never have too many diapers, paper towels, bottles, changes of clothes for both of you, hoods, blankets, socks...etc. Take this from the voice of experience.

  3. Oh dear! Do they pay you enough for this job, I wonder? :-)

  4. The trick to selling a house is to have the smell of homemade bread or a freshly baked pie in the air - NOT baby spit up.

  5. Oh fabulous -- baby urp! Sometimes it seems like more comes out than went in. How is that possible?

  6. loved the narative made me wonder - Why do new (young) parents think the baby seats, swings, beds have to move all the time? and then surprise the baby exibits sea sickness? what happened to the blanket on a solid floor where the baby can swing their arms and legs, and learn where their toes and fingers are so they can grow up to be creative and hard working adults....? there are connections you know.

  7. Not easy to plan the day, when you are a baby-sitter! :-)

  8. Awwww. I can picture the whole vibrating baby scene very clearly. Good luck with the house!