Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Tale of the Bullet Pelican

Once upon a time there was a young pelican who was not happy with his species.  He wanted more excitement out of life.

He watched his mother while she lazily glided along the air currents.

What is the fun of that, he thought.

He watched his father who was being passed by a flock of birds as if he was standing still. 

The young pelican muttered to himself, "Not me!"    And he began working out.

He ate Wheaties.

He took steroids.

He got a personal trainer.

He drank energy drinks.

And when he was so full of energy that it seemed to glow from inside him, he flew like a jet without even having to use his wings. 

And everyone called him the "Bullet Pelican."



  1. Excellent catch, my friend. Commentary makes it a jewel.

  2. Love this! I was waiting for the "morale" at the end, but I am glad there is none :-)

  3. Mark, "Aesop" no. A beautiful story. I missed you. Thought you all may be in the process of moving.

  4. there is a moral, several actually. Have to look to your insides to find the right one for you. I found two that I could fill in at the end.

  5. I read this as ...there was a young republican.

  6. Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop signup today. Google humorwriters.org and sign up!! It's in April and all your fans will be there. PS-- nice bird.

  7. Wheee! Great shot and great story!

  8. Would make a good children's story, Mark. Great photos.