Monday, December 28, 2009


Just a couple of Christmas shots. 

This year, I made a real effort to just enjoy Christmas morning without putting a lens between myself and the festivities.  In past years I have obsessively videoed or photographed the unwrapping ritual and have missed the entire thing and ended up with a ton of boring shots of people tearing paper.  So I left the camera on the shelf for the day and enjoyed it more.  Although there was one moment that I wished I had caught.  But a small sacrifice for just being part of everything instead of acting like an uninvolved photojournalist. 

But I did take out the camera at the request of the group for a group shot.

Thank goodness for Photoshop.   I took five or six versions and this was the only one that had everyone's eyes open.  Except the original had one small flaw. 

But I was able to find another one in which Thomas was behaving himself and, because I had used a tripod, was able fairly easily to replace him for the photo at the top. 

Then I took the camera out one other time.  It was also Conner's first birthday -- well, a couple of days off but close enough.  We had the bright idea to give him a cake just for his own fun and exploration.  He was happy but a tad confused at having a huge sweet thing in front of him with nobody feeding him.  Just let him do what he wants!


"But how do I get it in my mouth?"

"Nana to the rescue."

"Maybe I'll stick to the painting part.  Not sure about the taste."


  1. Great pictures. Love his face when he's eating the cake. We always gave the kids some cake of their own. The photos were always fun. Must be an acquired taste. :)

  2. Beautiful family Mark. It's surprising how the tastes of children change as they age. Just try putting that cake down in front of him next year, and see what happens.

  3. Love the family shot. Even the frog has his eyes open.

    Conner is adorable. That last photo is a classic.

  4. Great family pictures, Mark! And I love the last shot of Conner -- classic indeed! Looks as though fun was had by all. Wishing you a very Happy New Years!


  5. What with the timetabling being all off kilter this year, we forgot the family photo! So glad you got yours. The Connor photos are classic! Littlies have such expressive faces, don't they?

  6. I love the last shot of conner - a redhead to boot!

  7. The little funny face is cute -- my grandson's first birthday photo was of him doing a face plant into the cake. (Great photoshop job, by the way).

  8. whoa such a cute shot of conner.. lovely family you got there bagman.. I admire your occupation too. it sounds challenging..