Monday, December 14, 2009

Introducing Annabelle

It's been a busy and holidayish weekend. 

BUTLER: "'Holidayish' is not a word."

BAGMAN: "Here we go again with the anal retentive stuff..."

Anyway, Karen and I were invited to Brian and Melody's house for dinner.  Later, we all thought about it and it was the first time they had hosted...

BUTLER: "And hostessed..."

BAGMAN: "Aha!  Hostessed is not a word either...I think."

...dinner for us.  So it was special.  And wonderful.  And we also got a chance to meet their newest family member.  Annabelle.

And Conner posed for what could have been made into a nice Christmas card...

He even put down his pacifier for the occassion.

...which Annabelle promptly tried on for size...

On Sunday they all came over to visit our house where Daisy got to meet Annabelle and discover that, yes, there are dogs actually smaller than herself. 

Ignore the tongue.  Ignore the tongue.
Pretend this is just a bad dream.


  1. Oh how cute! I love that you captured the tongue!

  2. Daisy is giving Annabelle that same "look" that our toy fox terrier gives any dog that even looks at her when she isn't in the mood. It's not a direct look, but a little off to the I'm not really looking at you....but I reallly am!! Must be a "small dog syndrome" or something! Great pictures!

  3. Cute dogs. That pacifier steal had me a little queasy though.

  4. I love the picture with the pacifier. She is cute as a button.

  5. Welcome Annabelle! You certainly are a cutie!

    Another fun post Mark.

  6. What a sweet little pooch!

    Thank you for giving so much of your words and photos over to your grandfather - What a record you have made of his wonderfully eclectic art. Isn't it such an awful shame that museums and galleries only appear to want those bits of art that can be easily pigeon-holed?! You have shed light on such a talent, and thank you for that, Sirs... Your beauty can also be seen through your grandfather and the photos he took of himself, I think...

    Wishing you a heart-felt family Christmas, Mark - Full of the blessings of a beautiful family xox

  7. Oh, come on, words are born every day. Lovely pictures, lovely child.

  8. How fun! Great pictures, lovely child, delightful doggies and it does look as though everyone had a great day! Thanks for sharing the fun, Mark, love the pacifier!!

    Enjoy your week!


  9. Very nice. Cute dog, cute dog photos, cute gradson.

  10. When I opened this blog I thought, Oh goodie, they got another dog, ended up disappointed. Two nights ago Spritz barked for a straight 3 hours, I finally got up and put him in the kitchen so he would be quiet. Wondered if he needed a friend at night…. Maybe I was projecting my thoughts onto you.

  11. What tongue...snort!

    Merry Christmas BB....xxxx

  12. I love your writing skills (and your photos of course)! The last photo, with the comments... Bravo!!

  13. Great post. Cute pups and even cuter baby. Annabelle is precious. Love the name.

  14. Such a sweet post ...all of it. Happy Christmas. xx

  15. Cute dog! How DID you manage to get that tongue shot?