Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poor old poem prelude to tomorrow's shoot

Tomorrow's hometown photoshoot out is about weather.  As I was doing it, I remembered that I once wrote a poem about weather.  It was difficult to find because I had filed it away in a folder I call "Poem Graveyard" for poems that I didn't really like but can't bare to delete.  But it is about weather.  So I'll post it for the heck of it.

TV Weather Map

With one hand on the umbrella,
I watch the Doppler greens form patches
where the peaks of my western range
reach up toward your wispy clouds,
moist, your deeper greens flowing,
enlarging across the welcoming Midwest plains,
while irritable yellow spots spin out your warnings,
growing until you collide with this low country heat
fast and thoughtless orange waves,
pouring out electric reds, daring me
to show my face to stinging hail and flashing bolts,
locking me inside this shuttered house
with only the innocent weatherman
grinning on the flickering screen,
until I am no longer brave enough
to go where my coast would
try to understand the deeper sea.


  1. So true about ....when you find yourself in a hole stop digging ..SO true ...took me such a long time to get that ..and I can still forget ...but not for long thank you God.

    Our weather ....full on bushfire smoke and 41C heat ...send rain!

  2. Wish I could stay home and watch the weather or be the indoor weatherman. I have to be the outdoor weatherman. I was up to my ankles in flood waters yesterday. Made front page, though.

    Nice poem.

    Weather here: 65 yesterday, 28 tonight, and only 37 tomorrow. Think of me on Saturday night when I will be shooting the Christmas parade. It will be a high of 19.

  3. Oh man I am like the weatherman inside most of the time. Had to go out in the sleet and rain to do Friday Shoot out. Now they have changed around maybe I can remember to get on the list. I enjoy that blog so much. Interested to see what you do with it, or is your poem your entry?

  4. I read this three times to see what might have triggered this poem...and I also have this file of 'laying in state' poems...

  5. Okay. Not your best, but a couple of good images.

  6. Love the last three lines....

    Just for now, I have stopped digging :)


  7. At first this poem sounded like it was going in Bagman's direction...! I used to work next to the Weather Service folks and they actually admit that they get it right 50% of the time.

  8. Okay sweetness, I like this line - daring me
    to show my face to stinging hail and flashing bolts - is this about daring to post about the weather on Friday...?

  9. Wow. You have more entertaining meteorologists where you are than we have. Nothing we have in Toronto would inspire a poem out of me. All the weather reports here are done by Butler.

    No offense Butler.