Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to put together a baby shower


We get the food together

Make sure the name is spelled correctly.

Guests arrive

There is eating and presents

Somehow I just liked the colors in this one.

The baby kicks and everyone goes nuts

Except Conner who takes it in stride, takes a big swig
and says, "So he can kick...I'm still bigger."


  1. very nice - I like Conner - does he get his attitude from Grandpa?

  2. Conner rocks! Yeah, Ginger, I think he takes after someone we know.

  3. Aw, that handholding photo is sweet, and piles of presents always hold a certain excitement. I hope you all had a great shower!

    Of note here is that you skipped the Friday Shootout. I salute you. Our situations are completely different of course, but sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in memes, hopping from one to the next with hardly a post for Sciencegirl. Yet Thursday turns to evening and I always think, well, there are a couple of shots I can put up... So hats off tou you, Mark, for staying true to yourself and what you want.

  4. Conner is obviously not yet quite aware of the responsibility of being the eldest brother? :-)

  5. ...and best of all, you leave us smiling. No memes, just smiles.

  6. B&B your post just disappeared off my list. I did not do any thing. Why do you think that happens?

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