Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just touching base..

Nope, not dead yet, but wondering where my inspiration to blog -- blogspiration? -- has gone.

Just still crawling up the proverbial mountain to find the wise man sitting cross-legged at the top so I can ask him the big questions:  What is the purpose of life?  How can I find enlightenment?   Where does spare time go?   What should I do with the rest of my life?   And, most importantly, is there a map to show me how to get the heck off this stupid mountain? 

With my luck, by the time I get to the top of the mountain, I'll find a sign that says, "Gone fishing.  Back tomorrow.  Good luck.  Signed, Wiseman.

And I'll turn around and there will be a line of people behind and the person at the front of the line will say to me, "What is the purpose of life?"  

I'll strike myself on the forhead with the palm of my hand and utter in shocked astonishment, "Oh my God!"

And the person will say, "Thank you.  That's what I thought.  You are very wise indeed."  He will smile peacefully and start back down the mountain. 


I'm not sure where that story came from.  I really just came to the publish post place to say that I was still not blogging much, checking a few sites -- realizing I'd missed Barry's birthday!   But not by much.  And to mention that when I checked the Friday Shootout for the theme I laughed because my foot was there.  But I'm not sure I've got any country roads for next week. And then my fingers started typing like that old horror movie about the living hand. 

I still don't know where spare time goes or what to do with the rest of my life.  Oh my God.


  1. Haven't I seen that cartoon about the wise man on top of the mountain somewhere? I know exactly what you mean. Blogspiration is running dry for me too. Seems I bounce from one weekly meme to the next and rarely post anything just because I feel like it any more. The Friday Shootouts are something I've been meaning to drop, but then I never do, because that's the meme I get the most comments on (I swear I don't blog for the feedback, but ...), and yep, I just might have a couple of nice photos for the theme, and so just one more time.
    I miss your humor, though. Looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. Spare time? Not sure I know what that is. I am retired and I haven't quite found it yet. I have found lots of wasted time...but no spare time.

  3. OMG - you discovered who you really are at the top of that mountain - OMG.

    Hope you continue to post your thoughts from every viewpoint going up or down that mountain.

  4. I recall reading a book, whose title and author I've forgotten, about a famous wise man on the top of a mountain. He was so famous, the entire path way up the mountain to his door was lined with people wanting to know the meaning of life.

    At the door they were greeted by a man who inquired what they were seeking.

    "I want to find the meaning of life," they would tell him.

    "Ah," the man would say. "Come in. Come in." And he would gesture to a door on the opposite side of the room. "You will find the meaning of life through that door."

    One by one the people would thank him, cross the room to the door and step through.

    Only to discover themselves on the pathway back down to the bottom of the mountain.

    Where, of course, the world awaited them.

    I've always liked that story.

  5. That's what I came to the beach to discover. And all I seem to have gotten is sand in the sheets. I hate it when people tell me the answer lies within. If it does, why won't it surface?

  6. You too? Darn, it's an occupational disease of the retired, I thought.

  7. Tell that man to call his sponsor. Then again, what can I say, I'm just back from an AA convention.

  8. I suppose we can't find the answer until we have clearly defined the question.
    blogging is not the problem, we all start looking for a forum to express ourselves - it is getting too involved in groups that cause our blog problems. to fill every post with what others are looking for become an empty place for us. Camillo says my best post (and those I seldom get comments for) are the ones where I write about questions I have, or observations about life around me - and those are the ones that bring me the most satisfaction. Did you listen to the John Denver song I put up for FSO Roads? the topic is country roads but topics like roads less travels, or the road not traveled, or my mother's road am I traveling it..... see? Don't post for the 'others' they come and go without concern for us - write for yourself and the inspiration will come.

  9. Well, as you may have realised, you are not the only one! Don't worry too much! ... or I will start worrying seriously also ... and I don't wish to! :-)

  10. I'm glad you're checking in; it's good to know you're OK. I like that image of your hands typing as though they're from a horror movie. Seriously, maybe you have something there: maybe it's good to not think too much about stuff, just pick an idea and see what your fingers come up with. Your wise guy, errr...wise man wouldn't want you to analyze too much.