Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Post

So I hit the "New Post" button and this white square appears and over it is a long narrow rectangle with a instruction: "Title."     I'm thinking I should waiting to push "New Post" until I had at least a tiny inkling of what I was going to write...

And then I am distracted by the word "inkling."   Where on Earth did that come from?!   Why do words pop into our heads like that.   It probably comes from learning to talk and then practicing it too much. 

I still don't know what this blog is going to be about.   Maybe I'll just title it "New Post."   But then I doubt myself because it will only be a new post if I never post again -- which I'm sure I will since I still practice talking too much.  Once I post again, this title will be, by definition, inaccurate.  

Titles don't need to be accurate.  They are only like fishing lures or bait.  

Hmm.  If I ever get back to writing poems again, I'll bet the title "Bait Box" would could lead to a slew of good metaphors.  Or is that slough?  Where did that word come from.   My brain just keeps sending me surprises like that all the time.  The reason I never became a profound philosopher is because I always get distracted by a slough of inklings. 

Goodness, gracious!  I just noticed that the white box that I didn't know how to fill is already over half full of words.  Is this going to be my post? 

I remember when I started to write it, with no subject in mind, that I might just describe the soft sound of warm air coming through the heating vents in the floor behind me and the fact that in the summer time I call them cooling vents.  

The back of my neck itches.  I scratch it.  One of life's greatest pleasures is scratching thngs that itch. 

Hmmm.  Scratching things that itch.  That might be a good title for a poem as well. 

The white box is now full.  If I can figure out a label, I can post it. 


  1. Sometimes I get carried away with my rambling and I stop and think "what in the heck are you doing?" and I tell myself to have an idea in mind next time BEFORE I post. Most of the time I just let the old fingers fly. I post words so that I can come back and read them later, not so much for anything of interest.

  2. Now that sounds like most of us...just putting down anything and everything that comes to mind without rhyme or reason.

  3. The joys of getting side-tracked! Sometimes I set out to write something that is quite clearly formed in my mind, only to find myself meandering along the many paths that suddenly become visible once I start out in the lush landscape that, thankfully, I mostly find in the inside of my skull.

  4. It's a "post" and it is "new" so I think it is very aptly titled. Enjoyed your ramblings this morning.

  5. Probably alteration of Middle English (a) ningkiling, (a) hint, suggestion, possibly alteration of nikking, from nikken, to mark a text for correction, from nik, notch, tally, perhaps from variant of Old French niche, niche; see niche.]
    Word History: Inkling has nothing to do with ink, but it may have something to do with niches. Our story begins with the Old French (and Modern French) word niche, meaning "niche." It is possible that in Old French a variant form existed that was borrowed into Middle English as nik, meaning "a notch, tally." This word is probably related to the Middle English word nikking, meaning "a hint, slight indication," or possibly "a whisper, mention." Nikking appears only once, in a Middle English text composed around 1400. In another copy of the same text the word ningkiling appears, which may be a variant of nikking. This is essentially our word inkling already, the only major change being an instance of what is called false splitting, whereby people understood a ningkiling as an ingkiling. They did the same thing with a napron, getting an apron.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

    love it... the study of how words become our words.

  6. I don't care how your post came to be, I like your words no matter. Your head is filled with busy thoughts and great imagination. I like it.

  7. fun post about nothing, just a wandering mind. my mind always seems to be wandering, so I wonder quite often, is that normal? what do you think?

  8. I always feel "brain dead" when I cannot think of anything to write about. Like today. I am trying to think of a blog for this week and nothing is coming into my brain. I would like to think of a post for tomorrow because I am volunteering at school two days this week (Tues. and Thurs.) and I haven't caught up with Ginger yet. (Sigh). How does that old poem go,
    "To scratch where it itches is worth the world's riches." I love visiting here.

  9. Good grief! You're talented. I can never get the white box full without a week of planning and writing and re-writing! lol.