Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gone fishing

No, not actually fishing.  Just taking a break from blogging to think about stuff.  Sometimes it is better to keep my mouth shut until I stop trying to talk and start trying to listen.

But I thought I'd better put a sign up so people wouldn't think that I had just dropped dead and was never coming back.

Then again, if I do drop dead after posting this, people will think I'm coming back. 

Life is way too confusing.


  1. Enjoy your time off but come back soon. :)

  2. I understand the need to take a break when you have so many balls up in the air and you're juggling with both time and issues! We'll just be waiting for your return!

  3. The message is completely clear to me, don't worry! :-)

  4. We all need time to process changes in our lives. We just had our youngest daughter,age 34 newly divorced, move back home. We were enjoying our life with a new easier pace, etc, but that has changed. I may be needing some time to think and re-eval what in h--- is going on.

  5. I always think fishing is a good time to think. Unless, of course, you are catching something in which case all rational thought disappears. So, it's just as well you aren't really going fishing.
    Navel gazing is in order I think.
    I look forward to your return!

  6. I wouldn't joke. A BBQ/griller food blog I loved one day- his son announced he had passed away. I still find it hard not to go over there and see all the comments people have left. We love you B&B! things do change, I find it harder and harder to go to every post I follow and leave comments, I am writing so much and working again...Happy VD! Love saying that!


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