Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That was Bagman's title.  I don't know what he is refering to either.  I just ran in to change my Friday header because it is already Tuesday.   And I figured I'd better write something quick, just to get it in before the family begins arriving.

BAGMAN: "Get it in...hee hee."

BUTLER: "I liked him better during the shootout when we wrapped him in duct tape."

So the dogs are walked.  They are now 90% housebroken...maybe 100% but our schedules are so crazy, they have a right to be confused.  Mopdog and Possumpooch. 

Sometime soon, I've been unable to stop thinking about a blog on Evolution vs. Creationism...because I don't see any need for disagreement.  It seems simple to me.  God created humans.  And the really miraculous part of it is that he created them through his amazing evolution process so that we could continue to be able to change and adjust over time.  

Oops.  I've already done the blog I was thinking about except it was going to be much longer. 

Hey.  Wait a minute?  Didn't I already write that blog?  Now that I'm (1) going into my third year of blogging and (B) gradually losing my memory, I'm not sure what I've said before.  Like being drunk at a party and telling the same joke over and over.  I'm glad I don't do that anymore. 

Oops.  I hear voices coming into the house.  And so the chaos begins for another night!   


  1. And so, it really WAS a quickie! I like your take on evolution vs. creationism. We had to start somewhere, but we have certainly evolved (wait, that's wholly questionable)!

  2. That was a great discussion you had with yourself. Yes I believe God made us and gifted us with the ability to evolve and adjust to all the thousands of years of roaming and following the river and fighting the wild animals and forging. That would wear me out. Nice quickie Mark.

  3. I want to say to people, "Hey, I just visited a blog on evolution vs. creationism. It was less than 200 words. " Or was it on quickies? It must have been quickies because the discussion was so short. It was also about housebroken dogs.... thank goodness for that! I hope you managed to change your title and get the family chaos straightened out. ((hugs))

  4. That dirty Bagman! ;-) I totally agree with your theory by the way--and sometimes a quickie will suffice! ;-)

  5. Bagman is pervy. I love him! I also enjoy your take on evolution vs. creationism. Why do people love arguing? Sigh. And I am well familiar with the voices and chaos, doors opening, shoes off. A rollicking mixed blessing, no? lol

  6. Duct tape should be a universal staple! I love Bagman--he's comical and makes me laugh! Even when he's got naughty on the mind! LOL

  7. Excellent rationalization regarding Creationism and Evolutionism. There are places in this country where teachers are REQUIRED to teach Creationism, and give that theory just as much weight as Evolutionism. Fortunately, I am not living in that part of this country.