Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Postcard from the Fishing Hole

The bobber wobbles.
I pull up the line.
The bait is still there,
a little chewed.
We learned on the weekend
another grandchild is coming
in November.
I look at the pond.
There must be fish somewhere.
How do I tell Bagman and Butler
they we need their office
for a nursery.
I consider trying different bait
or maybe fly casting.
Maybe we can convert the porch
to a sun-room.
Money.  And retirement
ain't gonna pay like working did.
I plop the stale bait back in the pond
and stare at algae and remind myself,
children are blessings.
Noisy, demanding blessings.
Retirement.  I'm told that I'm
only as old as I feel.
But what if I feel old?
The bobber sits motionless in the water.
God always has a plan.
I wish I knew what it was.


  1. Grandchildren are a joy, but I understand having everyone live at your house isn't the retirement you had in mind! All my best to Brian and Melody, and especially a house of their own.

  2. Good luck with that. Children are a blessing but GRAND~parents are a blessing and a lifesaver for their GRAND~children, remember that!

  3. When my father retired years ago, he made the mistake of "just retiring"--not retiring INTO anything. Find something challenging to look forward to besides not working--and for heaven sakes let Bagman and Butler keep their office! Peace, my friend (and congrats on new grandchild on the way!).

  4. The good thing about retirement is that you have plenty of time to think about what you really want to do. It'll come and I promise you won't wither away while you're contemplating what to do with your life.

  5. BBM - congrats on a pending addition? And Mark, you might want to sage the office before keeping a baby in there...

  6. When you retire, please consider writing. I think you will have a difficult time if you try to keep yourself from writing. Congratulations on the new grandchild!!!! xoxo I am trying to repurpose some rooms in my house to make room for more beds so my grandchildren can sleep over. We're still ice fishing, north of the 49th. =D

  7. Congrats on the new grand. HH and I both went through what you are going through. I though sure I would find another job but at 70 who would want me. Fishing is good for thinking things out.