Monday, April 4, 2011

And then came the clean-up

Karen's friend Mary came over Sunday for their weekly morning walk and brought her new puppy, Jasmine.  Afterwards we were all sitting on the porch.  I was just snapping pictures left and right without paying much attention to focus. 

BUTLER:  You've forgotten how the camera works anyhow...

BAGMAN:  But you can rationalize that there is a certain lifelike action affect...

BUTLER:  Sure.  You can rationalize anything.

Anyhow, Jasmine was bored.

Surely there must be something to do.
Wait a minute -- what is that clicking thing.

Lick the camera!  Can I lick the camera?

Jasmine:  Okay!  I'll just drink from the waterbowl.
Conner:  That water is too plain.  It needs something.  I've seen Mark wash seashells in that bowl.
                      I'll goahead and fill it with seashells and maybe some dirt.
Karen:    Oh no!  We need to get some fresh water for the dogs.  They can't drink that.

At this point, the decision that changed the future was made.  The water bowl was picked up and placed on the white bench until it could be refreshed.  Conner, of course, immediately found something else to do.

Get the stick!!! 

Run away with the stick!

Jasmine is catching up...door is closed...I'm trapped!

Oh boy!  Stick!  I'm gonna get the stick!

I've almost got the stick!

(Editors note: Follow the red arrows and you will see a patch of yellow.  It may remind you of the yellow water bowl filled with water, shells and dirt.)

And what you can't see in this picture is a gallon of muddy water which is, at this moment, pouring under Conner and Jasmine...and then came the clean-up.

Conner thought it was hilarious.  He loves water in all shapes and forms.  In fact, he may have done this on purpose. 

And Jasmine never got the stick.  


  1. I'm amazed Conner isn't scared; on one of the pictures it looks like Jasmine's paw is quite scratchy on the back of his neck.
    She probably thinks he is a puppy just like herself (which, in a way, he is) :-)

  2. That was adorable.

    Just dropped in (to see what condition your condition was in),



  3. Pure fun - kids and dogs really know how to do fun! Looks like the photographer was having fun too!

  4. That's a great story. Connor is so brave you must be so proud. Now that your blogging more then just on Fridays I decided I better follow you to keep up. I'm hoping you'll follow me too. Your a great writer. I wish I had half you talent with it.

  5. That was totally adorable. I'm partial to golden retrievers named Jasmine too (since we have one--named Jasmine). Love the puppy on the shoulder look.

  6. wonderful!
    I know I get out of focus photos, but you are better than me... need more practice.

  7. Kid + Puppy + Water is always = clean up.

    Gorgeous kid and puppy though.