Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friday Hometown Photo Shoot -- Simplicity

I surprised Bagman and Butler this week by dismissing them.  

BAGMAN: "What!!  You can't fire us!!"

I try to explain as simply as possible.   "I'm not firing you.  Just giving you a few days off.  Go on to Myrtle Beach.  We'll be taking a week vacation there next week -- all of us, including my daughter who is coming down from Massachusetts.  Why don't you and Butler get an early start?"

BUTLER:  "Why?   Don't you want us for the photoshoot?"

"Simplicity," I say.  "Let's face it.  When you guys are talking in my head, it is not ever simple."

Bagman and Butler left, carrying only a few simple possessions, leaving me alone to contemplate this week's post.  

Since my life is not simple, I've been completely overhauling our irrigation system and building a partial wall on the second floor this week -- hence, the camera has been untouched -- so the simplity shoot has to be archival. 

And going through old pictures, I quickly discover two things:

  1. I don't really know what simplicity is. 
  2. Whatever it is, I'm not it.
My vision tends to be a hungry vacuum cleaner trying to suck every color and shape into one huge ball of...of...well, colors and shapes.  I further confuse myself by wondering if simplicity and minimalism are the same or just distant cousins.   In A.A. we have a saying: "K.I.S.S. -- Keep it Simple Stupid."  Actually I don't think A.A. has a copyright on that saying.  

Then I realize that I'm babbling in a totally non-simple fashion even without Bagman and Butler.  I force myself to empty my mind.  

When that fails, I just pull some pictures out of the archive and hope for the best. 

This was simply a completely over-exposed botched shot
which I neglected to delete for some reason.

I took this 26 or so years ago on the day I met my wife
although aside from timing, the subject has no significance.

Simple shape?  Too much color?

Okay -- I am looking forward to learning about simplicity from the rest of the Friday Shooters.  And soon we will pack up for a week in Myrtle Beach so I may be out of touch somewhat...


  1. The picture with the wooden blocks is the best - SIMPLE and clear lines and not too many colours.
    Enjoy the week on Myrtle Beach! I expect you will find Bagman with a massive sunburn, and Butler being his usual pale elegant composed self :-)

  2. That last one is like a flower petal, but I think it is the draped folds of a white dress, very pretty!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Take pictures from the top of the huge Ferris Wheel. You can probably see 2570 Wings stores from up there.

  4. I'm with the librarian--the wooden blocks are the best. I think all you need is a melting clock by it and you'd have a salute to Salvadore Dali there. Enjoy your break (all 3 of you!).

  5. well now you have it 50 / 50 - I like the draped cloth too. When in museums looking at old paintings I like to get up close and look at the folds in the cloth.... well I do!. to me anyone that can paint cloth can really paint... does that go for photos as well?
    have a great vacation, and don't forget the camera AND charger.

  6. my vote goes to the board shot. that is simple and i like it. have fun

  7. I like the view with the flying swan best - that's simply beautiful. The others set my brain spinning trying to understand what I'm looking at!

  8. My husband is just back from a week in Myrtle Beach - he left a sandal behind, don't do the same. Your botched shot is really cool!

  9. The totally WHITE hall. It is very interesting. What comes to my mind and I don't know why? Being locked up in a white room for 24 hours. Seeing nothing but white. I enjoyed your photographs. Hope you relax some at Mertle Beach. The blotched shot is cool, I agree with Scattering...

  10. I always check out your header shot first. very good Mark! I was wondering what you would do for simplicity.

    you are not alone. I am not sure if I got this theme correctly either. but did my best as it is.

    I like the white hall shot, the egret? shot and the last one. all show simplicity to me. love the egret the most though. fantastic image.

  11. oh yes, have fun and enjoy your vacation.

  12. I like the picture of the flying swan best, the best describing simplicity to me!

  13. I had a thing about tunnels, hope you don't have to walk alone in one esp if it is very long.

  14. I think you were smart to shoo Bagman and Butler away. You did a great job finding photos for this one!

  15. I tried to guess what you would do with your header this week - got it wrong, of course. Love it, anyway. And the wooden blocks - whatever they are!

  16. You have chosen some special angles in a lot of your photos, well, still go around to find something may surprise me.

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