Thursday, June 16, 2011

Too dull to blog

Having taken another Loritab but tired of lying in bed, I am sitting and staring at the screen.  The pain in my gut from the operation is not very sharp...sort of a distant ache.   But my mind also seems to be not very shart and a kind of distant...something.   Phooey.  I think that if it weren't for the pain medication, I would have been able to come  up with something cute there...not sharp...distant ache...dull thoughts...

BAGMAN: "You gonna write something or what?!"

BUTLER: "Go back and lie down, Mark."

I think that I am going to probably miss another Friday shoot out.  I think...I'm thinking something, I think.  Just not sure what.

BUTLER: "At least make a brief statement about what's going on."

My tongue always gets tied with the word 'umbilical."   I want to say 'ulumbilical'.  Like the poor souls in A.A. meetings who have trouble with 'anonimity' and want to say 'amononimity."   Hey that kind of has a nice beat to it -- Ul-um-bil-ical Am-anon-imity....

BUTLER: "Go back to bed, Mark.  Yesterday you had a brief small outpatient procedure to fix an umbilical hernia and you're probably still a little loopy."

"Brief small procedure!"  I scream, starting to stand up and then thinking better of it.   "They cut a hole in my belly and shoved my small intestine back where it belonged and installed a screen door!"

BUTLER:  "It's called a mesh."

I am getting sleepy. 


  1. Ugh! That sounds very painful. Hope you heal quickly. The older we get, the harder it is sometimes to recover. Especially from that anesthetic. But I guess it is better than the alternative!

  2. aww, you'll be wrestling with the rugrats by the weekend. In the meantime, take your medicine, lie back, and think of Summer for the P-Jaam.

    Hey, no photos with this post??? ;-P

  3. It's probably CAUSED by wrestling rug rats! Hope you feel better (and your intestines stay inside where they belong). Expecting hilarious accounting of experiences though (tapping foot with arms folded).

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Heidi.
    And with NanU. And with Peruby, too. When they were hacking at me with sharp knives last year in September, I was surprised at how weak I felt for quite a while.

  5. Ouch. Yeah, go back to bed. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. If you are abale to write this even in "bad shape", I think there is nothing to worry about! :-) Take care anyhow!