Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo shootout - Night

I never realized that retirement was so much busier than working!

In any case, I never got out at night all week.  Rather than blowing it off entirely, I reached back for a shot I took some time ago. 

Charleston's market bustles during the day and is a prime spot for tourists -- as well as residents!

But  a couple of years ago, when I was working a fulltime job and therefore, weirdly enough, had more time to go shooting, I took the picture below at night after everyone had gone home.

And, yes, I did Photoshop the color saturation just a little. 

Gotta run -- this retirement life is running me ragged!


  1. Looks like your are sitting in the dark. No flies on you though you got your shots. Are you familiar with that "No flies on you" term? Just wondered.

  2. Just confirmed my suspicions. There IS nothing going on in the nighttime... Haha.

  3. My own (not very expensive, and by now rather outdated) camera keeps surprising me at how good night time pictures actually come out. Can't remember now whether I've ever showed them on my blog, but maybe I will put a "Ludwigsburg by Night" post together some day.

  4. I am still jealous, I am waiting for retirement. love the effects of the last shot. HAPPY RETIREMENT MARK!!

  5. Sometimes I wish I can retire from being a mom! In Asia, adults children still stay with the parent, some even after getting married.So some retired from being a parent but rehired as granparents!!!

    My son only help me to carry the tripod and watch my back while I shoot- he's the bodyguard!! lol

  6. yes eventually you can't imagine how you did everything and worked 40 hours. I think we loose focus ....
    I think you showed us this market before, the first photo definitly. the second is really a great shot.... sort of a metaphor for life after all the life left.... or maybe retirement....

  7. Love the night shot of the market. The little dash of colour keeps it from looking eerie, I think.

  8. Hehehe! Your retirement life sounds busy but fun.

  9. When my Dad retired from a busy job as a college principal he said he did so because work was starting to interfere with golf and bridge....