Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Hometown Shootout - Orange and Black

I've only got a few pictures for this week's shoot out but I shuffle down to the Butler and Bagman Office to download them...or upload them...I'm confused and tired and open the door  to...

...the eyepopping sight of Bagman's hairy legs kicking in a cheerleader's uniform shaking orange and black pom poms and yelling a cheer.

BAGMAN:  "Orange and black!  Orange and black!
                    We love to score and we love to sack!  GO...TEAM!
                    Black and orange!  Black and orange!
                     We love  Hey, Butler?  What rhymes with orange?"

BUTLER (yawning): "Nothing rhymes with orange."

Bagman notices me, snaps to attention and salutes which is a bizarre image since he is holding pom poms.
Butler just shakes his head and looks to see if I've brought anything for the shootout.

BUTLER:  "Not much, I see."

BUTLER: "Isn't that more red than orange?"

I look at it again.  I'm too tired to argue.  But I argue anyway because I think there must be some orange in there somewhere.  By now I'm not sure I know the difference. I give up and post another.

BUTLER: "A little better.  Maybe a bit more burnt sienna."

BAGMAN:  "Burnt sienna?!!  What kind of froo froo color is that?!!"

BUTLER:  "Froo froo?   From a man holding pom poms?"

"Chiaroscuro Impressionist Self-Portrait with Cat"

BUTLER: "Gosh.  I'm sure glad you titled that one.  I thought it was just a television."


BUTLER: "And I got up early for this?"

BAGMAN:  " frommage rhyme with orange?  Throat lozenge?   Flange?  

BUTLER:  "Only if you want to rhyme just the last syllable. 


  1. Love the sunset. And the cat. And the fish!

  2. Love the silhouette, Mark. Good job. A picture of Bagman would have been good, too. LOL

  3. I always end up in hysterics when I read your posts! Particularly like the birdy sunset and Gracie. Have a great weekend Mark. Elaine

  4. Black 'n orange stray cat sittin' on a fence
    ain't got enough dough to pay the rent
    I'm flat broke but I don't care
    I strut right by with my tail in the air

    Stray cat strut, I'm a ladies' cat
    I'm a feline casanova, hey, that's what it's at
    get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man
    I get my dinner from a garbage can

    (excerpts from "Stray Cat Strut", The Stray Cats, some time in the 1980s)

  5. hey - love the silhouette - don't get the second one - but my eyes and brain are blurry. the poem by the Librarian is just great. got to go by her site and see what else she says.

  6. I loved Gracie too. Really like burnt umber. One of my favorite colors. Would loved to have see the antics with pom poms. LOL

  7. Love the birds flying off in the sunset. Although I can't figure out what the second one is, it really does have lovely colours.

    And, of course, the silhouette. That is lovely!

  8. Funny and creative. Slapping you on the back with congrats.

  9. creative as always. i find the sunset Gracie great!

  10. I would of liked to see the orange and black pom poms Bagman had, but I really like the sky and silhouette. Your always so funny. Thanks!

  11. Yes, quite a visual of Bagman's hairy legs kicking in a cheerleader's uniform shaking orange and black pom poms and yelling a cheer.
    You crack me up!

  12. Like your story all the time makes me smile. And oh, love that silhouette too.

    Black & Orange

  13. I feel like I should know what your second picture is...corroding metal? It looks like the profile of a guy smoking a pipe. Or playing the sax? Bagman?

  14. Those in front fighting for the TOP DOG's job? I have never seen anything like that. The theory of how they cooperate is wrong.

    Love the gracie silhoulette.

  15. I loved this post Mark! you had me laughing all the way through, until I saw the silhouette........ aaaawwwwwww.... so precious. I love it.

  16. I particularly like Gracie's silhoutte.