Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cannibal Dance of the Wild Kudzu Tribe

BUTLER:  "Honestly, Mark, why do you try and get tricky with your titles.  You just could have simply titled this blog..."

...interrupted by Bagman who is wearing a loincloth made of kudzu leaves and leaping in a wild spinning dance...

BUTLER (contining as if he has not noticed): "...Pueraria Lobata."
BAGMAN (Jumping down on the floor to do a breakdance spin move) "La La Lobata!  La La Lobata!"  (Then his spin connects his head with the leg of my desk and he stops, lying on the floor trying to catch his breath.)

BUTLER (continuing in a scholarly manner): "And you should be careful, Baggie, my friend.  That Kudzu you are wearing in such a delicate area might take root.  It is a very dangerous plant and suffocates most of what it touches."  

There are trees beneath these ghostly shrouds
trees that wonder quietly
where all the sunshine has gone...

BUTLER: "Pueraria Lobata was introduced to the United States from Japan in 1876.  It spreads through both seeds and by attaching itself with nodes to other vegitation.  You can see it everywhere in the Southeast.  Despite the fact that nobody wants it, as a Japanese export, it has increased its market share more than Toyota, Nikon, Sony, and Honda put together.

BAGMAN:  "Hey!  I can't get this thing off me!  Help!!!!!


  1. It is all over Kentucky and the highway dept works almost daily to keep it under control. I'll keep my Toyota but no kudzu wanted. Some great shots however. LOL

  2. I've never heard of Kudzo but it sounds like it's a nusance.

  3. Kudzu is worse than graffiti! A real scourge. I wonder if the city/county/state/federal govt could put some more people to work getting rid of it so it doesn't kill everything else trying to grow.

  4. You can see it all up and down 95 throughout the southeast. It is a real scourge and it doesn't get cold enough to kill it down here in Florida.

  5. I took a haunting photo of a house on a sea of kudzu when in VA last year. They are trying to work on ways to get rid of it, the only way it seems is to till up the root system and let mother nature do her magic all over again...