Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Shootout - Hot and Cold

"The most mysterious invention, I think, is the thermos bottle.   It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.  How does it know when to do which?"

I heard that joke somewhere so I really can't take credit for it.  Probably George Carlin.

BAGMAN:  "Gah!  You throw cold water on your opening by you need to be so unplageristic.  Your burn me up sometimes!"

And then I ran out of time in the week to create some continuity full of hot/cold puns and have to bang out a quick disconnected and probably rather tepid post. 

And most of the photos will be on the hot side since, after all, I live in Charleston, South Carolina where we have four seasons -- (1) Almost summer, (2) Summer, (3) Just past summer, and (4) Christmas. 

Oh boy, here comes another scorcher!

...and for some unknown reason, on hot summer days
we like to cook over fire! 

I have to go back in archives to when I lived in Massachusetts

to find cold shots...

Where's the snow shovel?
Come to think about it, cooking out in 95 degree humidity
may not be that bad.

And sometimes, even in Charleston, we get a rare snow.
This one was in the Just Past Christmas season this year.

I like hot cars and car shows.
And with Photoshop, I can make the engines even hotter.

A truly smokin' hot rod!

But the next two pictures below are the hottest in my collection!  They veritably sizzle with heat.

BUTLER:  "I don't get it.  There is nothing hot here.  And frankly, they are not very good pictures."

BAGMAN:  "You're too picky, Butter-butt.  You have to see them through the eyes of a romantic."

In this case, Bagman is right.  The top picture is a hallway in a convention hall in Columbus, Georgia.  It was wall-to-wall with crowds of people during a conference and, as I walked through the crowd, I looked over and made eye contact with a woman who had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.  After getting up the courage to introduce myself later and after dinner and after hours of conversation, we were sitting on the bench when I ventured a kiss.  "Not yet," she said.   Fortunately "yet" was the main word and 24 years later we are still married.   The hallway is totally empty because I stopped there a year later before our wedding to give the pictures to her as a gift.

BUTLER/BAGMAN (in unison): "Aaawwwwwwww.  So sweeeeeeeeet."

And still hot.


  1. Oh how sweet and yes, romantic. Nothing like red nail polish to say hot, hot, hot. Great job as usual. You have my sympathy putting up with B&B.
    Love your description of your seasons.LOL

  2. I love all your 'cold' shots, just beautiful! especially from someone with the year long summer season here.

  3. That's a cracker shoot-out. I was enjoying your hot and colds, then your last three shots and the story behind them really were hot enough to melt my hard, old heart. You old softie, you!!

  4. Ohhh, that's so sweet. So glad you could join us!

  5. I like the Charleston seasons! Sounds very much like my kind of place. Winter simply does not agree with me.
    I wonder whether you've had a chance yet to read any of my "Souvenirs from Sicily", since in your profile you mention Italy as one of your interests.

  6. Your two selected picures warm my heart. Far away from the other side of the globe I say keep stoking he fire, mate.

  7. Oh my goodness !!!!!!!

    You tricked me, you had a BBQ fire ready for the two lobsters. I was ready to tuck in after watching all the cooking shows of Gordan Ramsey and Master Chef. (and the judge even has the same cool hairdo as you.)

    I opened my sleepy eyes, you typical man, you posted a car part!!!!!!!

    Please go and look at your photo again, and tell me that I wasn't wrong thinking you were BBQing lobsters. I am going back to bed, it is a wet and COLD Saturday morning.

  8. what a sweetie! I like your cold shots, especially the tree laden with snow. and the smokin car! have a wonderful weekend you two.