Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm going to miss the Friday Shootout. 

BAGMAN:  "And it was my favorite theme too!!!!!"

But real life is calling.  Do you want me to list my excuses.

BUTLER:  "Why bother.  You usually whine about your excuses even when you go ahead and post anyhow.  If you have time to list your excuses, you could post."

Butler's right.  I don't really have time to list my excuses.

BAGMAN: "And temptation is my favorite thing!!!!!"


  1. Dear Mark, maybe it is better this way. B&B might let a secret out. They are so tempted to get you in trouble.

  2. I'm just going to take a quick pic of my bed in the morning, if I get around to the shootout at all. So what fabulously fun thing will you be doing instead?

  3. Camillo reads 'flowers' every time.... so I can't really talk or photo my real temptations. although if I can sneak a photo at the market I might do a shot of the huge row of chips and dip that I have to avoid every trip to the grocery store. that would only be affective as a comparison to RIO.

  4. As in, "Lead us straight into temptation?"

  5. I think the whole object of blogging is to do what and when you want...isn't it?

  6. I think you can post it late if you want. I am sure we are all waiting to read and see your temptations!!