Monday, November 15, 2010

Yana Mama's Yummy Yummy

We now take a moment from our usual Bagman and Butler antics for a blatantly commercial pitch.

BAGMAN and BUTLER:  "No!  You can't shut us up that easily!"

Sorry, guys. Thirty second commercial break for Yana's!  Karen and I stopped by there by accident on our way home from vacation.  I didn't get a picture of her but you can recognize Yana Mama (as she calls herself) as soon as you walk in.  She is the fabulous, multi-blinged, (never trust a skinny cook) bleach blond that is moving from table to table and directing the meyhem in the small, packed eatery. 

For the rest of this blog, I'll write in my deep, clear, fast-talking announcer's voice:

Are you hungry for the best peach fritters, made with real peaches covered with pure grease and shovel-loads of  powdered sugar.  Or banana fritters?  Are you within 1000 miles of Swansboro, South Carolina.  Then just pop on over to Yana Mama's restaurant.  Serving the best unhealthy and unfranchised food for over 30 years!

If you are tired of being lean and athletic and neglecting your taste buds, you too can look like this gentleman who was cholesterol free and 25 years old before he discovered the joys of shrimp burgers and strawberry fritters.

Watch as the friendly staff at Yana Mama's flip hamburgers without losing any of the five essential greases.  If you experience nausea for more than 6 hours contact your doctor immediately. 

Did I mention the apple fritters?


  1. You just cannot know that I wanted apple fritters yesterday, and they do not know what they are in the north... I am not driving down there any time soon, so I guess its my own kitchen- I had a healthy cafe a few years ago, and I still slung some good flat grill 'oil' around now and then, you so funny B&B!

  2. Talking my kind of trash. The south knows how to do it for sure. Butter and sugar (as in Paula and Yana). I bet he has a gold mine there. Glad you are home and having fun remembering the fun times.

  3. I am trying so hard to weight and here you go and kill me. Looked like the old guys wife was helping him big time.