Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friday was over days ago...

I need to get rid of my pin eyed spooky Friday shoot even if I don't have anything to blog.  Of course, that is silly because there is always something to blog. 

It is only that I seldom start to blog unless I have an idea of what I am going to write.  Thinking that you need to have an idea before you start writing is one of the leading causes of writer's block.   If I just start typing, something invariably comes.   Brains are very good at pumping away and finding connections in whatever is in front of them. 

By the way, Karen and I will be going on vacation next week to North Carolina's Outer Banks.  I haven't checked to see if there is wifi in the hotel  so I don't know whether I'll blog much or not.  Probably not much since I try, when I'm on vacation, to be actually on vacation and pay attention.   Also, since I usually shoot in RAW format and my laptop does not have Adobe, I can't process pictures until I get home.

Oh...I guess I will post two quick pictures this morning from Halloween -- group shots of Brian, Melody and the grandchildren in their costumes.  I was going to get creative and put little cartoon balloons about what I imagined the grandchildren to be saying but the clock is ticking toward time to go to work, so I will have to be satisfied with dialogue under the pictures instead.

NOAH: "Daddy's face feels like rubber."

CONNER: "Oh boy, Daddy's being weird again."

NOAH: "Hey, Conner, does Daddy do this often?"

CONNER: "Just look at the camera so we can be finished with this and go get candy."

MELODY: "Darn.  I think I just blinked."


  1. How cute! We have friends who live in the Outer Banks--have a great time. Hurricane season is over, right? ;-) P.S. You're right about just writing--I forget that.

  2. Have a great holiday!
    And indeed, brains are great for churning up the most unexpected stuff. Sometimes at the most unexpected moments.

  3. I hope you have a great get-away! I bet it will be beautiful.

  4. Aw, man! I need more sleep. I read that as "I shoot pictures in the RAW" LOL!

    I've used "FastStone Image Viewer" before. I think it converts RAW for free.

  5. Have a good vacation, my friend. I am on my way to Italy, but thanks to the miracle of Blogger I was able to post all the way through the 15th. Kind of odd being in two places at one time.

    Miss you!