Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Shootout - The Letter "N"

I’m walking down the hall to the B&B studio thinking about photographing things that start with “N”.  Kind of like Sesame Street, brought to you today by the letter "N".   When suddenly my revery is nuked by Bagman leaping out and shouting.

BAGMAN: “Naked! Nude! Nipples!"

Crash!!   Bagman is tackled into the wall by Butler who is struggling to put duct tape on Bagman’s mouth.

BUTLER: “No! No! Nix on naming nasty nouns!”

Meanwhile, I'm changing the subject by posting whatever I can find.  Aha! 




Then without warning, Bagman breaks free of Butler and posts one of his own, shouting triumphantly!

BAGMAN:  "Neon's not a nasty noun!"

BUTLER:  "That's NOT Neon!"

BAGMAN (Getting so worked up he forgets to use "N" words) "It is too!  Those letters were neon!  Or a kind of neon!  You had to look really closely!"

BUTLER:  "I'll bet you did look really closely, you one-track minded...NINNY!"



"Hey!  No more nine more minutes!  I need you now!!"

I'm startled.  Who was that? 

BUTLER (Giving me that pitying look when I'm being so naive):  "That, Mark, is your lovely wife who wants you to stop playing around on the computer and help pack for your vacation trip.  You need to go back to the real world now."

BAGMAN:  "Don't tell me I'm not real!"

BUTLER: "Accept it, Baggie!  You are real only in a sense.  But Mark has to go use his actual hands to place actual underwear into actual suitcases."

So the rest of my "N" shots must wait for another time...

BAGMAN:  "You lie!!  Just admit that you don't have any more "N" shots!"

Getting defensive, I shout back, "I do too!"

BAGMAN:  "Do not!"

MARK: "Do too!"  


BAGMAN: "Yeah?  Well you had to go back to 1993 for that one!"

I start to argue and find another but the actual voice from the actual mouth of my actual wife calls up, "NOW!"

So I shut down this post for now, go downstairs and pack bags, tie bycicles on the back of the car, take my camera and laptop which doesn't have Photoshop, etc., etc.  Tomorrow we head out to the Outer Banks where there may or may not be time or ability to post.  (And in case some of you are going Nuts trying to see what I did to my header for N-week -- sorry, but I didn't have time.)

But I did have a little time at the end of the day for a



  1. I have no N photos, but I did enjoy your nost, er that is post. blessings

  2. Love the Noah and neon shots! And, of course, the nap - that is lovely!

    Hope you enjoy your holiday - and that you didn't forget to pack that underwear! :)

  3. Nice neon pig, nifty nose, and Noah is nuthin' but adorable.

  4. Love the brought to by the letter "N" memories. Very, very clever pictures and dialogue, as usual. The "NAP" picture, of course, is priceless--naturally.

  5. Love that Noah and Nap shots!
    Have an enjoyable and safe trip to Outer Banks!

  6. That was one of the most entertaining posts I have read in quite some time! Thank you! Enjoy your vacation.

  7. Of course the ending was so worth getting to!!!!

  8. A nap would be good, enjoy your vacation

  9. awesome post and love the humor. Noah, neon and the nap are great shots. have fun and enjoy your trip!!

  10. Nice Needling.
    You cannot live without photoshop. You will find Starbucks on every corner even on the Outter Banks. :)

  11. Noah noticing Nana is the best shot ever. So adorable and I also like that you are napping with the baby. Very cool photos.

  12. I always enjoy your shoot outs your a fun read with great pictures to go with it.

  13. May I borrow Noah? I have to practise being a Nana.