Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday Hometown Shootout -- Favorite Shop

Okay -- It's terrible form to post a Friday Photo Shootout with no photos.  But I have good reasons:

  1. I really dislike shopping. 
  2. We had the grandchildren and today was Thanksgiving.
  3. I have to go to bed because Karen has planned out a strategic attack on Black Friday -- the United States' Day After Thanksgiving Super Sales Early Bird Capitalist Spendfest when stores open at 3:00 a.m. and have incredible deals for the first so many customers so you have to line up at the doors at 2:00 a.m. and in the dark feeling like an idiot.  And we are planning to fight the crowds at Target for a high def flat screen television to buy the kids for Christmas.  We will save lots of money but I'd rather pay to sleep.  And the crowds are really mobs, hoards of huns invading.  Two Thanksgivings ago in some Walmart, thankfully far from here, someone was actually trambled to death!  But I may at least spend the hour between 2 and 3 am shooting some underexposed blurry shots which I can post on Saturday, after I wake up.
  4. So this is not really my Friday Shootout -- it may (or may not) appear tomorrow.  But it probably won't be much because...
  5. Did I mention that I really dislike shopping?
But I do forgive Nan for coming up with such a difficult topic for me.  I realize I am in the minority.


  1. The Geezer has planned a forray to one or tother of those electronic places in search of a far far newer laptop. They have them for 200 something vs 800 something. I asked if he was going to go stand in line at midnight? he hasn't answered. I'm just going to shuffle books tomorrow.

    Hope you had a really happy day dodging her expectations.

  2. I think they should call it "Green Friday"--it's much more festive. This kind of shopping is not "shopping"--it's war, adrenalin pumping,cut-throat war. Beware the clouds of "morning gas"--people use it to dull your senses. Take some pictures!

  3. Oh dear... this sounds terrible and is against all morale and humand kindness!! I do hope you will survive; on the other hand, if something really dramatic happened there, it would make your wife see sense and she'd abstain from such crusades in the future.
    Regarding favourite shops, mine is in Leeds, UK, and I have not bought anything there but fell in love with the shop at first sight:

  4. We never have a black friday here, but everyweek there's a sales somewhere in one of the mall! We have one mall which is open 24 hours and a few supermarkets that do the same too- good for those who don't mind sacrificing the sleep and not jostle with the usual crowd!

  5. Well, I didn't know it would come up on the day after Thanksgiving. I hate shopping that day too. In fact, I will refrain from shopping this whole day (though this gesture, if noticed at all, will only cause people around here to say 'hunh?').

  6. We have a few of those odd gatherings here. I respect the fact that people like to save money, but not me. Yes, I am blessed that I am not in need of such stuff or even in need of saving the money...although the best savings I saw on something here was $40 off of a Wii...I want one for Christmas, but for $40 I will sleep in!!

  7. I hate shopping too and I also love my sleep so such an event would pass me by un-noticed.
    Hope it was worth it in your case! And I bet it's a terrific photo opportunity!

  8. I don't mind shopping if I have unlimited money. but I like to go during the week on the off days. need my space!!