Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poetry Jam -

I don't usually write political poetry -- then again for the last couple of years I haven't written poetry at all.  But Nan's bicycles in the snow was so absurd it reminded me of politics, so here's what spun out.  Combining snow metaphors and bicycle metaphors together was pretty absurd -- it was probably the absurdity that reminded me of politics. 

Vote a Straight Snow Peddler Party Ticket!

The next race is on and we don't intend
to let  you ruin the world this time
with your new trick Huffys.

We're coming after you with a winter campaign
of strong legs, deep pockets, and Schwinns.
Our talking points are taped to the fronts of our baskets.
Our feet move in fast circles, we change gears on a dime,
and we peddle the truth from door to door.

Let the pelotons clash.  Go ahead and throw
your meaningless sound-byte snowballs.
The world wants change and we carry the blizzard of truth.
Truth that drifts around every poll.
Slippery truth that has no traction.
Slushy truth that bogs down every moving thing,
Schwinns and Huffys alike.

It matters not if we are snowed as well,
for we will succeed in freezing the wheels
for another four years...

and we will call this rolling frame
encased in ice: "Change."


  1. I SWEAR I'm not stalking you, looks like you just posted this.

    THAT IS AWESOME!! I think you should turn it into a head-banging, metal song. My 24 yo son writes politically charged metal music--really gets the crowds frenzied.

  2. Bravo! Hell on two wheels, you are. I'll put the link up later today.

  3. I have a deep aversion to politicians- my family seems be-spotted by them ! I do however like you poem- thanks.

  4. How full of deep meanings and symbolism!
    Don't know what Schwinns and Huffys are, though; I have never heard either word.

  5. All bikes are equally useless once the snow comes, aren't they? And no matter what exciting new and unique features they claim to offer, they all work in basically the same way too! (and they all get flats!)

  6. but there are snowbikes now, Lola! really! They put little ski things on the wheels, and down the slopes you go. It's ridiculous.

  7. You get my vote ..........

  8. I love the conflict between the "Huffys" and the "Schwinns." (I agree that nothing really CHANGES much despite everyone wishing it to.)

  9. I tend to hide when politics are at play ~ just makes me uncomfortable all the way around. That said ~ you did a superb job at drawing metaphors with snowy bikes. I just loved it! And no discomfort at all!!

    Here is mine: Repeat Echo

  10. politicians..... blah. hard to trust any of them. like your analogy though!!

  11. I like the thrust and energy of your poem.
    Empty promises - so hard to find an honest politician.

  12. i just hope that change this time around means more than...well what we got...hard to do when your legs are shackled with across the aisle snow ball slinging...any way dont get me started..haha...nice political bend...

  13. Oh, this is sharp! Very, very good work on an extended metaphor. You really got me with that "peddle the truth" line. Ha!

  14. Makes me wish there was such a party. I'd vote for anyone who can stretch metaphors like that.

  15. Let the pelotons clash!
    Loved it, really nicely done and a great finish. Then we begin again...

  16. I was a little afraid, since I don't know what your politics are, but I still don't, really, after reading the poem & I love it! It applies no matter who you are because as far as I can tell expecting big things out of government is a pipe dream.