Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bagman takes issue with me

So I'm working hard on Friday's hometown shootout although it is becoming more like architectural and construction history than having much to do with photographs.  Butler is actually poring over blueprints of the building where I work, measuring square footage when Bagman stomps in and slams the door!

BAGMAN: "So why did you take my name off your Blogspot ID and put yours in!  You've lost have your followers by confusing them."

ME:  "I think they recognize the red car avitar."

BUTLER:  "That rhymes, you know.  Red car, avatar; red car, avatar..OW!"  (The x-rated DVD that Bagman has thrown like a frisbee bounces off Butler's head.)

BAGMAN:  "Don't change the subject, dammit!  Why is your ID now 'Mark Cowell'?  Wasn't Bagman and Butler good enough for you?  Mark Cowell is a wussy name anyhow.  Mark kkcowell."

ME: "If you must know, I started another blog."

Expressions of surprise!  Disappointment!  Crashing as Butler falls off his chair!  "NOOOOO!"

ME:  It may not be for long but my 45th high school reunion is happening and I was trying to set up a team blog where all my old classmates can post stories and photos and such.  I thought it would be nice since the reunion is up in Massachusetts and I can't go to it."

BAGMAN:  "Go!  We have to go!  How can we not go!"

ME: "Too far.  Too expensive.  I've got stuff to do here."

BAGMAN:  "BULL&%#@!   You don't want to go.  You've never gone to any of them.  You're scared to go!"

BUTLER: "Partly true, my dear brother Bags..but that's because of you."

BAGMAN: "I'm the one who wants to go!!"

BUTLER: "Exactly.  Not to share old high school memories.  You're probably thinking of Nancy, Kathy, Mary, Donna, Janet, etc. etc."

ME: "And they are all married now.  And I am married now.  And we are all in our sixties."

BUTLER: "And, you, Baggie, would make an ass of all of us and get Mark in trouble with with his wife and with at least seven husbands that he doesn't know yet and probably doesn't need to know."

BAGMAN: "But you'd keep me on a tight rope like you always do."

BUTLER:  "Going back in time, though...I don't know...lots of old feelings might come up."

MARK:  "Actually, I might get even slapped the moment I walk in the door for something that someone has been carrying around for 45 years.  Yes, a blog is much safer."

BAGMAN:  "You are both wusses!  And I'd behave myself like I always do."

BUTLER and MARK together: "Then why do you want to go in the first place?"

BAGMAN:  "I hate you both!!!"    Bagman goes out and slams the door.

BUTLER:  "He does have a point about putting your name on your ID.  I know it helps your classmates recognize you, but you are confusing your true friends on your main blog."

ME:  "I know.  But it won't be long.  Only two people have even seen the blog and there is nothing on it of interest.  I think I'll take it down in a few weeks and go back to my Bagman and Butler name."

BUTLER:  "Yeah.  Great.  Just when eveyone has gotten use to that one.   I think Bagman's right that you are kind of losing it.  But I agree that we shouldn't go to the reunion.  But we should go to Massachsetts sometime where we have a couple of weeks to visit old places and take pictures."


  1. Just a reminder - this week is Domestic Animals, not architecture - that's not until October 2...

  2. I keep wanting to ask you just how you manage to sound even reasonably sane, with those two guys tugging at you all day! You're a great role model, Mark! Kick some butt and keep them in line!

    And I don't blame you for not putting in a personal appearance -- I didn't figure I'd survive my latest class reunion and chickened out at the last minute.

    Have a great day -- all of you!


  3. My class reunion is in November but ONLY the 40th. I'd like to go - am wrinkled but not fat. so I have a 50% chance of no one recongizing me. I am way in Brasil and really can't go (and still go to Paris for Christmas) - but excuse me, charlston SC to Boston Mass is less than 1000 miles - you can drive, take your bride with you (for safety) have a second honeymoon and have some laughs. come on we can have some laughs also when we hear the stories of Bagman goes home.

  4. I think this is one time that Bagman is sooo right.

    Besides, getting slapped might actually be good for you.

    Don't worry about all the names. We all know who you are. It's the newbies you might scare off. Way too many personalities, you know? I think a newbie wandered in recently wanting to know who all those people were. Dorothea was talking to Bagman that day. Don't think they ever came back. Boo!

    J9: Thanks for that reminder. I was just working on domesticated animals and thought I had screwed up.

    Pack and go, all three of you!

  5. Massachusetts has great architecture. You'd be all set for October 2nd. Plus, it's fall.... great leaves, autumn in New England, don't you miss that?
    It will be a fun getaway. I think you should go.

  6. 3 people...I saw it, because I am a sticky beak.


  7. At least one of you has the courage to put their real name out there. I'm staying anonymous although I think there have been acouple leaks-lol.

  8. Eventually your real name pops out of some friend's mouth. Not to worry, unless you work for the CIA.

  9. I think you should go to the reunion. Think of all the fun you will miss just by introducing B&B to all your old school mates. Did you know them then?

  10. Go! But if you don't, the blog with reunion stories will be fun.