Thursday, September 17, 2009

I thought tomorrow was October 2

Oops.  I just found out that tomorrow's Friday Hometown Photo Shootout theme is "domestic animals."  And I had just spent more time than it will be worth doing a photoshoot with captions about a building.  But that will be for October 2.  I thought tomorrow was October 2nd. 

Domestic animals, huh?  Not actually mt faavorite thing these it will be a small shoot.  But I did remember a poem I once wrote about a cat.  Actually it was about learning that my wife didn't always want me to solve things for her, just listen to her sometimes.  

Weakness of the Hero’s Solutions

“I’m mad at the cat,” she says,
sitting beside me, on the bed, drinking coffee,
“She clawed holes in the pink chair.”
Gears turn. Solutions click.

“I’m mad at the cat,” she says again.
The fix-it machine grinds and coughs.
“I deal in solutions,” it says and I spout out
number one: cover the chair in plastic

“So you save the damn chair, so what?” she says.
“That’s only half of it.”

“What’s the other half?”
“I’m mad at the cat,” she says.


  1. Oh, I do love that one. I do, I do, I do!

  2. Poor cat - have you still got it?

  3. Exciting little poem.

    My, you have been busy. Please don't hurry October here.

    Dorethea is mad at Bagman. Sigh.

    So, are you going to your class reunion?

  4. I like your poem, and also that you learned to listen to your better half!
    I too am going overboard on Oct 2nd's post, mostly because the building I work in is under reconstruction and the path to the parking lot can change twice before lunch. They do have some fun-looking toys out there.