Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot-Out Doors and Windows

Grizzle, frump, %$#*...I don't know whether it is not having my old computer or changes in the way Blogger does things or just fate, but having uploaded my Friday Shootout stuff -- late, of course -- I can't figure out how to put the pictures in the right order!!!  So the heck with continuity.  Here it is...randomly:
The hotel window I was looking out on 9/11 -- getting ready for a conference
noticing some odd smoke to the left of the Pentagon across the street
Burning windows - Pentagon
Unfortuantely I only had an old cheap video camera
Still shot from the video

From 1998 -- Now this is kind of a door - or maybe a window...
Brian still gives me a hard time about what he calls
the dumbest tree house a father ever built for his son.
But heck, we still get great laughter from it.
I think I've posted this before but I like it
Florence, Italy
Through an inside window in St. Peters, Rome
1972, Woman in a window near Santa Marta, Colombia
1970, Apartment window in Cambridge, Massachusetts
I still have and love this artists manikin that my grandfather used
when he was studying art in Paris in the 1930's
A window somewhere in Italy -- Florence, I think.
A door nobody wanted to see--
Now a tourist attraction - Alcatraz, 1987
A 'faux' door in Columbia, SC
The train car and man are actually a mural
Doors and window on a sand sculpture
of Charleston's old market building
This wold have been at the top (or bottom) but should
have been with the Pentagon shots if I had any control
over this blasted blogspot program.
The door to Brian's first day of school, 1993
And that's it for this week...


  1. You often take the most interesting pictures. The Pentagon burning surges out of the blue, so often pushed far into the background behind the World Trade Center - thank you for the reminder.
    That woman in Columbia is wonderful.
    And I particularly like your treehouse! We had a 'treehouse' where I grew up in San Diego: without any tree at all! (the only tree in the yard was a skinny little sapling) It was just a platform, about 10 feet on a side, with a roof, and a ladder, and a slide down one side, and a hole in the middle for a rope. But boy, did we have a lot of fun there.

  2. the door to the school bus on the first day of school - that is the best - all his future just through the door and up 3 steps. the seond runner up is the italian window with the shoes and the orange tree, florence I don't know - more like sicily - been to sicily?

  3. B&B go back and see what I just learned today. You just missed my addition to today's blog.LOL

  4. This post is so varied and amazing I hardly know where to start. That you were able to take some photos of the Pentagon on 9/11 is incredible and I feel honoured you have chosen to share them with us. The 'faux' door in Columbia is a real treat and great fun to see. But my favourite is the window in Florence with the tree and the shoes.

    This is just a reMARKable post (pun intended).

  5. B&B,
    How great are these pictures? It is so close to the anniversary of 9-11 once again, what a shocking occurence! They down played the damage to the pentagon and I never realized how badly damaged it really was. We were all very scared in Toronto, so I cannot imagine what you were thinking, being next door to the pentagon.
    Your tree house is awesome! How many dads take the time? It keeps the kids away from the gators! =D
    The Florence picture under the tree house picture brought Michael Jackson to mind. The man in your picture is very much more nurturing.
    I love the ceiling painter and the trompe l'oeil train too. Brian getting on the bus.... priceless! A marvelous collection of doors and windows. Thanks so much!

  6. awww...your little boy on the bus! And your treehouse...ROFL - it certainly looked as if love helped build it! :)

    Your pentagon shots made my blood run cold. I was in college when that happened - at breakfast no less.

    Your door that was a mural is very cool, and the orange tree/shoes in the window is one of my favorites...

    great photos, all!

  7. A sad but remarkable reminder of 9/11, hadn't realized just how close you were! Love all your wild assortment of shots, they're terrific, particularly the ones from Florence and Brian getting on the bus! Truly great collection regardless of the order or lack there of!

    Have a great Labor Day weekend, Mark!


  8. All of your pictures are fabulous. It's quite interesting to see your vantage point of the pentagon on fire. We all need that reminder.

    I love the photo of the man with the baby. My favorite though is of the old woman in the window. You could also use that one on next week's theme of withered and aged. The faux door is also very nice. I love it all.

    Your shots are extremely interesting and inspiring. I also like the little statue in your apartment.

  9. You know I love that 'faux' door. And those Pentagon pictures are chilling. But that school bus door with your baby standing there on the first day of school is priceless :)
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  10. What a history lesson. The first day through the school bus door will, most of the time, reflect the measure of confidence in a child. That has been true with my children and grandchildren. That shot was as powerful as any to me. Thanks. I enjoyed the world tour.

  11. Great pictures! Getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Saturday!

  12. For some odd reason my favorite is the sneakers and orange tree in the Italian window.

  13. It's not you, it's Blogger. I have the same trouble, especially matching up pictures to captions. Get real, we can't both be useless, but as for the content: matchless - any order would have been just fine.

  14. Well... I was going to pick a favorite. Then I would see the next picture and couldn't decide, so just say I like each one :-D

  15. I love the shot of the man holding the baby. so touching! great shoot out!!

  16. Thanks for the pentagon shots - may we never forget.

    Love the orange tree in the window. My dad built us treehouses - what wonderful memories your shot inspired for me!

  17. I love your out-of-sequence doors and windows. I have had an out-of-sequence week. I feel like Supergirl.

    When a newspaper wants you to cover two events that start at the same time, and those are events are 40 minutes apart, and you have a deadline, you must be super-human person. Right? Well, I came through, and covered a million other things this week. I was leaving for vacation today but am now too tired. So today, I feel like the super villain beat me up.

    On he other hand, I think Dorothea had a wonderful week.

    The lady in Columbia is my favorite. I do like the man and baby photo and am glad to see that he was not planning on dangling the baby out of the window.

    Brian is so cute. My, how he has grown. I love that photo.

    The St. Peters, Rome window rocks. I love that tree house. I want one, except that we don't have any trees that tall in our yard. And I think I remember having a party in that room in Cambridge. The window looks familiar.

    Love them all, Mark. Great job! Did you find Bagman was away this week, as well?

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