Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Hometown Photo Shootout - My Favorite Place to ______

At least I think I finally got my dates straight.

But, oh man, was this a disappointing eye-opener for me. I think I need to retitle it:  “Mark needs to get a life.”


So, I’m driving home…in my

favorite place to break the speed limit.

…and I’m thinking of the possibilities: My favorite place to play tennis, to go to the museum, to dine out, to have romantic walks with my wife, to fish, to climb mountains, to shop, to take in a show, to garden…and it begins to sink in.

I can’t think of my favorite place to do any of these things. In fact, I can’t actually remember the last time when I’ve done them. Except gardening. And I hate gardening. Yes, it seems that Mark really does need to get a life.

Photography! I love photography! And my favorite place is…hmmm…almost any place that my eye happens to connect with the right shapes and light. Should I take a picture of the back of my camera. And just how would I go about doing that?

Okay, okay!! Don’t panic! So maybe I can’t get to the top of Everest before Friday. Think simple. Maybe I don’t have an exciting life, but I need to go with what I’ve got. So:

Below is my favorite place to scratch

Well, maybe my second favorite place...but we won't go there.

Below is my favorite place to blog and photoshop.

Below is my favorite place to do my day job

Below is my favorite place to read the newspaper before my day job

Below is my favorite place to nap after my day job

Below is my favorite place to eat supper

Below is my favorite place to write poetry

Unfortunately, this could go on forever and ever.  But I will spare you.  And on Friday I’m going to go upstairs and look at everyone’s blogs and see all your exciting favorite places. I’m sure Patty will paste her favorite place to eat crabs. And I’ll get hungry and frustrated and retire back to my favorite place to feel sorry for myself…I don’t need to show another picture do I?  By now you've all figured it out and are calling out in unison, "Hey, Mark! Get a life!"


  1. I am cracking up Mark. Your first paragraph is similar to my own thought process for this assignment. I came to the realization that I don't really get out much, except to go walk the dog. It's pretty pathetic.

    I love your post.

    I'm still laughing about your double wide chair. I do everything in my chair, except it's not as comfortable as yours looks. I eat, read, write, blog, compute, research and watch TV from the same spot every single day and evening.

    I really do need to get out.

    By the way, who took that shot of you scratching your back?

  2. It's better than mine will not believe what I thought we were supposed to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Snort.....I hope those couches are a long way apart so you get some imaginary exercise on your way to your favourite I should talk. I'm going to bed which is my favourite place to SLEEP .........x

  4. HA! What a guy you are :) This was truly a fun visit.

    Happiest you can go snooze on your favorite couch.

  5. Maybe this is the something us bloggers have in common
    spending too much time in front of the computer... your work space and home office look suspicouly clean - Camillo despares when he comes into my space cause there are layers of projects going on - his is soooo neat.
    I didn't do Friburgo cause when in Friburgo I work on the computer, read or go to the gym.... I have already said what I need to say about that... so I did PHOTOGRAGHY in RIO. where is my favorite place to DANCE, my favorite THEATER.... and so on and on.

  6. thats "Suspiciously " am just now drinking my first cup of coffee and even after that I need spell check.

  7. Mark, your posts are always amusing and reason to put a smile on my face even on the worst days of grumpiness! :-) Love your ideas for your favorite places, your couch looks comfy so i don't blame you for spending so much time there. As for speeding in the car, I guess I am guilty of that too since I just got one of those pictures from the police taken with a speed-trap camera! Wow, didn't know that my car knew how to go that fast, but I smiled and sent a check for the small fine and will be on the look out for those darn hidden cameras next time around. Good post!!!!!

  8. Love your post - your humor is priceless!

  9. Mark, I think people like you, who don;t take life or themselves too seriously, are the ones that DO have a life. Very enjoyable.

  10. Hahahahahaha, that looks like a well used favorite place!

  11. Oh good brother's name is Mark and he has the same sense of humor. Love the post. It cracks me up!

  12. But at least it looks like there is a knight in shining armor next to your favorite place...

  13. Hey, if I had a couch like that, it'd be my favorite place, too!

    I'll admit, being the author of the theme, that I even got lots in the possibilities and realized at the end of the day that a) I don't have a life either and b) my favorite place in general is anywhere my husband is, with a camera, a book, and some tea.

    Oooh, the Friday Photo Shoot-Out is going existential!

  14. You are so funny and a real reason I look forward to Friday's!

  15. Laughing all the way from computer to fridge: back to computer: to do some laundry since HH said this a.m. "Honey I am out of underwear." "OK" says I and then back to the computer. It has been raining here for 4 days and it is mildewing outside. Great post. You and Tootsie Time, keep me laughing.

  16. I cannot decide which couch I like better. All the angles look so very comfortable. Even the color looks sleepy. YAWN! These photo's are great and up to scratch in a really funny sort of way. Well done, B&B. Have a restful weekend.
    Does funny stuff enter your brain on the couch, in the chair at the computer, when you are driving or all of the above?

  17. Always a pleasure seeing what you post. I couldn't wait to see what you would come up with. I can't believe you were able to capture a back scratch! You must do Yoga or something for that kind of flexibility...;-)

    Happy Friday!

    And get out of the house would you???!!!

  18. OMG! you had my laughing out loud!! maybe you should revisit all of those places you mentioned with your wife. I bet things have changed a lot!! have a wonderful weekend.

  19. You've got a life Mark--and your joy in it brings a smile to all our faces!

  20. Love your always. Thanks for bring the humor!

  21. LOL thank you I soooo needed that this evening! I can always count on you to make me giggle and snort!! Wonderful shootout!

  22. LOL at this post! Thanks for the laugh.

  23. Very clever!! Love the whole blog--especially the bit about the couch. Hilarious.

  24. You forgot two things. Your favorite McDonald's to drink coffee at and your favorite place to do the crossword puzzle (oh, that would be McDonald's.)

    Ummm? Poor Bagman. Dorothea invites him to go with her to Slab City.

    I do like your post. I got to see what a desk looks like again. I have not seen the surface of my desk in a few years. I can still find my mouse - sometimes. And I got to see how very organized you are at work and at home. Organization. That is about as much fun as gardening.

    I like the statue on your desk. I may have one similar to that on my desk somewhere.

    As you can see my favorite place is my secret place. Not one thing happening. It is only about 7 minutes from my house but very well hidden.

    When I go to my secret place I never have a cell phone, so the newspaper can't find me there. Except for an occasional crabber or "intruder" being there is like being on a deserted island.

    I think you need to spend more time off the something like, "Get a life." Bagman, where are you?

    Oh, next week - BUILDING STUDY.

    Nice post, my friend.

  25. Your favourite place for a nap, to eat supper... seems very comfortable... and well used! Thanks for your repeated nice and amusing reading!

  26. How do you nap on that thing? It's only 3 ft long!

  27. CJ reminded me during the week that it's against the rules to retreat when the camera is pointed in my direction; I think it's against the rules to tidy up before taking your photos. That can't really be your desk on an ordinary day? Or your multi purpose chair either?! Wonderful, funny post. One can always depend on you for a laugh!

  28. Always the most humorous blog on the block!
    Hmmm... the biggest impediment to 'getting a life' (not that you need one; many a fine life was led from the living room) might be - the couch! It's just tooooooo good!

  29. LOL - honestly, only you and Bagman could get away with this stuff.

  30. "Hey Mark, get a life!" I can't believe I'm the first to say this, when you explicitly asked for it. (just kidding of course) But I do like the 3rd pic of the couch best.

  31. You are an interesting man... I too have a similar back scratching devise...