Monday, September 7, 2009

Just checking in

It's been a long busy Labor Day weekend.  I think I know why they call it "Labor" Day Weekend. 
But the task lists are finished, porch restained, several things painted, lots of stuff moved...lots of sweat and showers. 
On the sad side, we finally had to find and found a good home for Roxie.  Emotional decisions and I doubt I'll blog much about it.  But she will have a place where she can run in the woods and play and a family that will love her. 
On the good side, I finally have a new computer...still learning Vista...and its fast as blazes.
I'm workng on some old photos for one of the remaining meme stories which I'll post later this week.
I'm not sure whether I'll get a weathered post up on Friday...kind of doubtful now.
But I'm still here.


  1. Sorry to hear you have to give Roxie away. Glad to hear about the new computer. Did you get a laptop?

    I'm looking forward to the weatherd subject on Friday.

    Glad you're still here.

  2. So sad about Roxie. Hooray you have a new computer. You will be a double whiz now.

  3. B&B
    It is good you were able to find an alternate, loving home for Roxie. Sorry Roxie's staying didn't work out at your place. I hope your new computer gets to stay with you for a very long time! Enjoy Vista.

  4. I still have the boxer but I don't know for how much longer. It is hard to let go. I can imagine the anguish you must be going through. Did I do the right thing? Is she happy? Will she be well taken care of?

  5. I too am adjusting to Vista and MS Office 2007. Much easier now that I've managed to get my Office toolbars to dock!

  6. Good luck with Vista, our IT department at work refused to install it on our computers and, in fact, uninstalled it from my laptop.

  7. Hugs ...for the grief around Roxie moving ...

    I hope you enjoy your new computer!