Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hooray! Hooray! The computer is fried!!!!!

So what am I posting on...well...if I use it with great moderation in terms of time and content...I feel the use of my work laptop for social networking -- as long as it doesn't interfere with worktime -- (I am now at home if any government auditors are keeping track) --

But I won't stay long...probably look at a couple of blogs I miss alot. 

But tomorrow is new computer day!  I'm taking a vacation day (in case any government auditors are keeping track) and I've narrowed it down to Best Buy's top of the line graphics Asus...although I've never heard of an "Asus"...and the computer guy who declared my old Dell legally dead does not have any that fell of a truck but he builds them.  A little leery of buying something custom-made, but I'll look at a quote and capabilities.  He did show me his own computer which had five separate graphic cards interconnected and 7 terabites of hard drive. 

If I go with Best Buy, I'll be back by the weekend.  If I go with Computer Man it will be a week or so. 

Tomorrow is computer day which means it is full of excitement and terror.  Because once I start setting it up, trying to connect it to my network, loading my software and watching to see if my software crashes it...nothing is ever eaasy with computers. 

There is a saying about how you interpret it when computer geeks estimate the time involved in a job.  You double the time and increase the qualifier.  In other words, if a geek tells you the job will take five minutes, it will take ten hours.  If a big network job is estimated to take 6 days, it will actually take 12 weeks. 

And thanks, Thunder Man...commenting to a man without a computer is not always futile. 


  1. How wonderful (especially since you'd backed up everything before the zzzzzzzzztttttt!).

  2. Oh I gotta getta backa upper. My son works for Sun Microsystems in Texas and his office at home looks like a computer store. He builds his own and I think I will have him build me one. Is that a name, Asus, he gave the computer or is there a company by that name?

  3. I love shopping for computers, here the new geeky stuff, I also have a son who builds his own but I have a lack of imagination adn want to be up and running yesterday, so I buy off the shelf. my last 3 computers ended up being from Best Buy. run around for 3 days looking at prices and options, then end up at best buy... good luck and hope you are back up before the weekend.

  4. B&B,
    I have nightmare stories about computers crashing. I have a MAC and the nearest Apple store is too far away. You are so right about geek hours. Apple does not have customer service, well how "most people" would describe customer service..... a number to call for repairs, a company representative, a policy. Apple has none of that. You contact the nearest Apple Store, make an appointment for the Genius Bar and confirm the appointment. If the appointment's not confirmed, there is no appointment. I found that out the hard way. You have my thoughts and prayers.

  5. So your computer and Kenju's computer and my computer have been hanging out together way too much!

  6. I'd like to add that Best Buy's commputer geeks have vacuumed my laptop for free; thus, they saved me from a mess of lint that was overheating my fan.

    And, they did it for free!

  7. Hmm. Have you considered going to a Mac?

  8. Wishing you the best of luck. There will be snags, but hopefully small ones. I have not heard of the Asus brand, either. I'll have to check it out.