Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Meme from Sarah Lulu

I've been trying this morning to catch up on my blogbrowsing and Sarah Lulu had an intriguing what the heck.  Here's the meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

The scary part was looking around to find the "nearest" book -- which was probably not going to be the book I would have just chosen.  My computer chair sits almost equidistant between my bookcase (which mostly just has negative files, old pictures, wires, junk and few books) and my son's bookcase which is the one thing that remains from when my studio was his bedroom.

Looking at his bookcase, my heart dropped to see "Understanding HTML" and "Intermediate Algebra." 

BAGMAN:  "Yeah!  That's make a gripping blog!" 

So I moved my chair a smidgeon to the right.  (Who invented the word "smidgeon"?).  There were only three books to choose from.  The first was the instruction manual for my Nikon D-80 in Spanish.  I keep the English version in my camera bag because I'm a slow learner.  The second was a disaster planning guide which I got for some emergency management class I took because I am part of the county's emergency management operations if something catastrophic ever happens in Charleston.

But the third might suffice.  It was "The Notebooks of Robert Frost."   I'm still leery, however, because I've browsed this book alot.  It is not something you read because it is literally the unedited notebook jottings of the poet.  Like my own journal scratchings, much of it makes no sense because it is just reminders of things that must have made sense to Frost when he wrote them.  But rules are rules, so here goes:

Page 123, sentences 6-8.

Oops!  I have a problem! 

BUTLER:  "No that's not what it says!"

No, that was me saying I have a problem with the meme challenge because Frost isn't using periods or writing in sentences, so how can I figure out what the next three sentences are after 5 or even where sentence 5 ends? 

BAGMAN:  "Just write something and go get another cup of coffee, for Pete's sake!"

Okay, okay...I'll try to decipher where there is a natural break even if there isn't a period.  Here we go again.  Page 123, pseudo-sentences 6-8:

"Trees in the village street in mid afgternoon in summertime"
"The Clear sound images Clear sight images have been attended to"
"Exponents to denote stress."

I think I should have picked another book.
Or another meme.


  1. I like Robert Frost. Beats Nikon in Spanish.

    Someone named Mark left a post on my blog. I was really worried that both Butler and Bagman had left the stage. Glad to see they are both alive and well.

  2. firdst I had to look up the definition of Meme - then I didn't cheat but took the top book fronm the stack I keep on my desk to read - BELOVED by Tom Morrison.
    the sentence 6-8
    And it was so much better than the anger that ruled when Sethe did or thought anything that excluded herself. She could bear the hours-nine or ten of them each day but one-when Sethe was gone. Bear even the nights when she was close but out of sight, behind walls and doors lying next to him.

    Okay so I will read this book next.

  3. Oh no another meme. Check out Monday's post for The TRUTH.

  4. Mark! Bring Baggy back immediately!

    I like the life boat thingy. I like it a lot and it actually made lots of sense to me, so thanks.


  5. Lovely!

    Robert Frost is adorable ...

    I'm of course, attracted to Bagman but ...
    I can't have another 'bad' man!

  6. I would have been interested in trying to understand the Algebra, but you had promises to keep and miles to go before you could put this baby to sleep! Memes are like that. They are like "the wave" at a Braves Game. Around they go through bloggyland. Thanks for the fun. =D

  7. Some books are easier to work with than others. I found one that works. Maybe I'll post it, maybe not. With Mercury retrograde, anything could happen.

  8. Hi Mark,

    I used to read every night before I went to bed for an hour. Since I started blogging in November, the computer has taken over my brain. I hardly read, and if I do, at most it's ten minutes.

    This book Wonderboy by Fiona Gibson is a simple easy to read book, it is easy but I have reading it for months, a simple book on a stay home mum with a 5 year old, the plot might thcken.

    I like Robert Frost, was my literature text for high school. Funny, I was thinking about Two roads meet, just yesterday. of course, it is my favourite poem.

    By the way, how do I tag?

    Okay, long enough,

    let's my post. Am I to post it here or my site. Any way, I post on both places, and you tell me how to tag please.

    "It's not like horses," he rages, pulling off the helmet and tossing it on to the ground.

    This isn't right. He's six, and he lives in the country. Babies can ride bikes around here.