Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As my mother-in-law used to say, "Oh fut!"

Coming home yesterday, I found that some of the clocks were blinking -- which usually means the electricity went out during the day.   But oddly, some were still working fine...a mystery. 

This morning, I went to turn on my home computer -- nothing.  I think mystery solved -- a small hit or near hit by lightening.  As far as I can tell the only victim is the computer and maybe it is only a switch.  I'll take it to a guy I know this afternoon.  

However, it may be a blessing in disguise because if it is actually not reparable (I hope I hope) then I will have to get a new one and I've been planning to buy one with faster and better graphics for Photoshop in the next year or so anyway.  And with the exception of a couple of old programs, I'm totally backed up so will lose no files.  

But -- I may be off line for a few days.   I'll miss you guys and will be back with an update as soon as I can. 


  1. What in the world will you do without B&B rambling on?

  2. Hey, good luck with getting a new one! Will miss you! Everyone has got me so curious now about Photoshop, going to have to check it out!

    Don't get into any trouble -- all of you!


  3. So this guy you know... Does he have anything recently fallen off the back of a truck?

  4. So I am sending a comment to someone via the computer and he doesn't have one to receive it?

  5. A newer, faster, computer. Go for it! I got a new one at the beginning of this summer. I ordered it from the HP Store and it is smoking hot.....and it's a laptop. It completely replaced my desktop.

  6. Wow I love it when God steps in (bolt of lightening and all!!!) ...so you can have what you want!

    Hurry back ...

  7. We are trapped; these devices don't last forever.

  8. Having narrowly missed disaster once or twice (direct strike across the street was the scariest), I invested in a UPS unit for the computer and surge protectors for TVs, stereos, etc. Replacing two coffee makers taught me to add one for that appliance. I live in the land of Flicker and Flash (the nickname for one of the major power companies here) and quickly learned it's the flickering restoral of power that seems to cause most of the problems.

  9. I lost my computer to old age a short while back, at a time that I had NO CASH. I thought I was done for but miraculously was given the exact same computer for $50[Singapore].
    Read about it on my blog if you like!

    I hope that you have greater fortune than I had and get the latest and best.

    Kind regards


  10. Then, I guess I hope it is something really really bad, Mark. Totally unrepairable.

    So buying a new computer is the only solution!

    Although we'll miss you for a few days.

  11. Oh, boy! I love to buy computers. Have fun. I gotta go and back up my data now...

  12. I feel your pain. But you must go by my site and see my knights. Dorothea was very adamant about that. I am not sure why.

    Have a great day shopping. Don't by the cheapest thing, and never let anyone "build" you a computer. At least, if you buy a brand name you are covered with a warranty. What happens if your geek moves on or dies?