Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brief grumble about the spiritual axiom

Somewhere in the 12-Step Book of Alcoholics Anonymous there is mention of what we recoverying alcholics like to all the "spiritial axiom."   Then, most of the time we make a face. 

It goes something like -- pure paraphrasing here because I'm too lazy to look it up this morning -- It is a spiritual axiom that whenever anything bothers us, it is usually because something is going on with us.

A.A. is like that -- we keep having to take responsibility for ourselves, turning things over to God, accepting what we cannot change.  We are suppose to stop trying to get what we want and practice wanting what we get. 

So it can be very frustrating when I'm surrounded by assholes and I can't stand up and tell them they're assholes.  I can't storm abound home and office slamming doors and kicking garbage cans.  Instead, because I'm so dadgum emotionally healthy, I have to look at what it is inside me that makes me think I'm surrounded by assholes. 

Damn it!!  I can't even hold on to a good opportunity for self-pity for very long!  So I guess I'll take the dog for a walk and enjoy the sunrise. 

(Of course, this doesn't mean that one or two of them might not be genuine assholes...)


  1. Dangerous that I am the first to comment...I wonder if people think of me as an A-hole? Of course someone must. See, my problem is that I think everything is about ME!

  2. I like Tabor.

    Nope, they probably are assholes. You can tell them they are assholes too, if you want. There's nothing stopping you. Then again, you have to live with you later. Call your sponsor. LOL

  3. Anybody who is a reader of Mark's is certainly not an asshole. Right? This could be a litmus test for your colleagues; the ones who have read this post and shaped up, they are not assholes. If they haven't read it, why then, they might just be what you think.
    (uh, nobody at my workplace reads my blog...)

  4. Ah ha, so glad my work connection days are over. That was the most likely place I would find an asshole. Trouble is my dearest friend still works there and I have to listen to her call them assholes. Then I can just console her. So look at your prayer, something you can change? No, serenity, yes. Something you can change? yes,then try, courage, no accept it then serenity. Now, wisdom to know the difference. Well that is up to each of us for sure. One day at a time.

  5. The assholes here must have moved down your way. Oh, wait, I think I know of a few who haven't left yet. Could you use a couple more?

  6. Or perhaps, it means you're contemplating your own oriface, though that would show a high degree of flexibility.

  7. Mark,
    I seriously needed to read this yesterday, but of course, now I have to wonder what shortcoming of mine is making me so angry at my co-workers... Thanks.