Monday, October 18, 2010

Waiting for Barclay

Subtitle: Chain reaction fission in the Honey-Do Environment

Barclay is the son of my wife’s best childhood friend. Although I’ve watched him grow up from a small tyke who calls me Uncle Mark, for the past several years I’ve watched him go through Medical School and he has now finished up a Master’s in Public Health in London. He has little interest in the traditional medical career and has a passion for working in third world countries. He has become my number one hero.

And he is going to stay with us for a few months!

So we went up to change the sheets in the guest room.

And decided we should move in a bookcase from my studio.

Which led to the need to clean out one of my bookcases…and the top of the pingpong table I use for matting and framing pictures.

And since it was clean and could be folded up, we decided to get out the carpet cleaner and clean some spots that have periodically been donated by Daisy when we don’t get up early enough to walk her.

And since the carpet cleaner was out, we thought we’d do Barclay’s room…and our bedroom…and the stairs.

And since the furniture was getting moved for the carpet cleaning operations, why not completely re-arrange the furniture throughout the entire house.

The Honey-Do list really is like an atomic bomb where one small atom hits another atom which splits and hits more atoms (I know that Nan will correct me on the real science of it) and Boom!

At one point I went outside, gasping for air, and noticed by the side of the house a shingle. I was trying to hide it and throw it discreetly in the trash bin but Karen saw me. Next weekend I’ll be replacing the roof.

But when I get a moment, I’ll regale you with tales from the adventures of Barclay.

Barclay’s coming! Hooray! And the guest room couldn’t be cleaner! Then again, it could be overkill for Barclay who sometimes spends months sleeping on the ground in Northern Kenya.


  1. One thing leads to another! Once you've moved a piece of furniture, anything can happen. :-)


  2. Please introduce Barclay to my daughter, returned from Niger, in a graduate program at Cornell in International Public Health. She is beautiful and athletic. Bagman is ordered to stay away. But Barclay can introduce himself. Must like dogs.

  3. I went on one of those binge's two weeks ago and I'm still at it. Very soon my house will be ready for my brother and his family who are visiting from England in January. But I guess it will have to be done again by then. Hope you enjoy having Barclay, you sound rightly proud of him.

  4. It happens to me when I have somehow managed to splash coffee or pasta sauce in the kitchen against a cupboard door. Woe to me when I start wiping off that splash... it usually leads to a cleaning orgy involving not only the whole kitchen but also the rest of the flat.

  5. Ooh, sleeping on the ground in northern Kenya sounds fascinating. Wish I were going!
    One atom bit hitting another and causing it to split and its parts hitting yet other atoms, ok, as long as the atoms are packed densely enough and have the right sorts of vulnerable parts. Somehow in my house the chain is only ever 2 or 3 steps long...

  6. See, other than vacuuming occasionally, I can't be bothered with cleaning our carpets anymore - you can see the floor through the thread they're so worn. I've told hubby I'm not cleaning them until they get replaced ;-)

  7. I am knowing this one thing leading to another; too well! But at least it gets things done and Barclay, I'm sure will appreciate it. Despite sleeping under the stars. I love your humour woven through your words. I now have a smile on my face!

  8. Fun to have such an interesting house guest...and such a clean house! ;-)

  9. Can't wait for the stories about Barclay. For sure one thing leads to another. Got rid of the grain bugs that I thought were carpet beetles and that lead to cleaning all the carpets, beetles or not beetles. Had the boomerang kid here for a few days last week, love her to death but at age 30 she needs to light somewhere. She is a MSW maybe she could go to Nigeria.LOL