Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Hometown Shootout - Chairs w/ Reader Warning!

Warning: The following blog may contain words that might cause a certain song to become irritatingly stuck in your mind causing you to hum it to yourself over and over.  If tune obsession lasts for more than 24-hours, see a doctor immediately.

_________________________________________ usual, around the middle of the week, I wander into the Bagman and Butler studio to plan for the Friday photo shoot out. The first image that strikes my eyes seems hard to believe. The two of them are seated together on the big sofa, sharing a large bucket of popcorn and watching “The Sound of Music.”

It is hard to believe because, not only because they are not fighting, but from what I remember of “The Sound of Music” neither of them would like it. It is not lusty, passionate or thrilling enough for Bagman and it seems far too bland for Butler’s overly intellectual bent.

BAGMAN: “Not my favorite, but it’s pretty romantic and the last part has something that is almost a chase scene. And Julie Andrews is kind of cute.

BUTLER: “Not my favorite either. The music isn’t Beethoven, but, you know the songs and lyrics have some appeal.”

In other words, it is the only movie that is close enough to almost matching both their tastes that they could watch together. Bravo. But I want to get to work because I don’t have many chair shots. I have one that I already used once for a rainbow color shoot.

And another of a seat that's hard to stay in:

But that's about it.  I slump down in the office chair in my studio with a deep sigh.  Butler and Bagman, both  look at me and suggest, “Why don’t you just take pictures of the chairs where you usually sit…you know, a few of your favorite chairs.

And suddenly, Julie Andrew’s voice begins singing in my head:  “These are a few of my favorite things…er…chairs.”

If you know the song, sing it out loud while you scroll down. I dare you. You will be singing it for days. I haven't been able to get  it out of my head for a week.   Everybody join in.  Altogether now…

Lounge chairs that stretch out
 in soft plushy leather

Sitting while speeding
top-down in all weather

the seat where I sit while I
blog out my cares...

These are a few of my favorite chairs

The place in my office where
 I do much talking


the bench where I boot up
 to take the dog walking

Here is the place where
 I shoot wildlife rare

These are a few of my favorite chairs

The nook in the kitchen
where we eat our lunches

Antiques in the living room 
nobody touches*

Here is the place where
I sit when I'm bare.


These are a few of my favorite chairs

When my bones creak

when I lose my hair

when I'm feeling cold

I simply remember my favorite chairs

and then I don't feel soooooo   old.

*Editorial note -- I need to make a slight disclaimer about the livingroom line about "antigues in the livingroom nobody touches..."   I used to unfairly tease my wife that we never went into the livingroom unless there was a special occasion but looking at the picture, I realize that is not true.  The white sofa has a sheet on it because Daisy sleeps there, and there are gates that we put on the stairs when the grandchildren visit and other signs that we do actually use that room.  But I was running out of rhymes...

BUTLER: "Touches doesn't rhyme with lunches anyhow!"

Picky picky picky.  Now excuse me while go I find a meadow on a mountaintop where I can dance in twirling circles. 

And Conner can sit on his favorite seat and mow the lawn.  


  1. Mark, you missed your calling - you should be doing stand-up. Wait a minute, you do - only it's here! Have a great weekend.

  2. Just as well that song's been in my brain for at least a month, when I showed the movie to my 9 year old...

  3. This has to be one of my favorite posts. Just intellectual enough for me and lives up to your great humor...with rhyme yet!

  4. I think you've excelled yourself this time! That is brilliant! Love the place where
    you shoot wildlife rare (the photo and the line) and the nook in the kitchen.

    You've made my day! I'm off for a walk and might even sing The Hills are Alive with Sound of Music.

  5. you deserve a large meadow with a view for that one - and i sang every word out loud (which is really confusing my cat at the moment)....!!

  6. Love that song, of course and your post is fun today. Just read your interview also, now I know you front and backwards. LOL

  7. Very clever lyrics (and thanks for the warning!). I just wrote an article about a mall massage chair, coincidentally. The accompanying song might be "You shook me all night long" ;-)

  8. I don't know if I want to thank you or not...this tune is running through my head uncontrollably right now. Aaaargh!! Rev up that cute little red car and put on some rock and roll, OK? Got any CCR?

    The picture of Conner is adorable.

  9. The lounge chair is what I need right now...can I borrow yours? lol

  10. Love the park bench and the photo of Conner. I think I'll fire my gardners and hire him to mow my lawn.

  11. Great job, you covered almost everything. But when you get the one that will knead and massage my poor back, give me a call, and Off I will be to your house.

  12. Just got back from getting Bait N Beer and saw that Bagman had been by and sat between the two chairs by the lake. Hope he's okay! I'm sure glad you decided to take photos of the places you put the Seat of Your Pants! Great job here and on the 'Interview'!

  13. Yay I told myself not to start singing but I did!! ^_^

  14. Love those colorful Adirondack chairs.

  15. Whew, that's quite a collection of chairs! But now I must go and get that song stuck in someone else's head so it can leave mine!

    Nitty Gritty Chairs

  16. The sound of music song was a great way to look at your rendition of your favorite chairs. My favorite one was where you get rare wild life pictures, I like them all though.

  17. I am glad to read that there are moments when all you boys are at peace with each other. great shoot out .... I wish I could find my Bagman side... repressed into solitude.

  18. You've got Tartan curtains in your kitchen lunch nook!! I love all things Tartan.

  19. Tabor and I agree....she says singing.

  20. I sang along Mark. hope I can get the song out of my head before bedtime. love all of your chairs. clever and entertaining as always.