Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Shootout -- Spooky

Diabolic competition has seized us this week!  Bagman, Butler, and I have been possessed by the spirits of competition!  They don't even talk to me -- just run around trying to pull out the spookiest picture!   Pixels are flying like poltergeists...

BUTLER:  "Calm down old boy.  A pixel poltergeist would be very very small..."

BAGMAN:  "HAH!  While you guys were talking science, I found a spooky picture in the archives!  I"m first!  I'm first!"

BUTLER: "That is not very spooky.  It's a only a piece of translucent amber that Mark shot long ago.

BAGMAN:  "Talk away, Butterball!  I'm posting another while you pontdeficate!"

BUTLER:  "That's pon-tif-i-cate, you illiterate boob."

BAGMAN (racing back to the archives):  "Butler said 'boob'!  Butler said 'boob'!"

And I realize that I can't let Bagman win this competition so I take the camera and head down the street, returning instantly to magically reappear with my first entry.

I call it "Inflatable Witch Killed by a Puncture Wound."

BAGMAN and BUTLER speaking simultaneously:  "Dumb idea!"

Well how about this one then?

BUTLER:  "It definitely has a certain spookiness."

BAGMAN:  "Pfui!  I remember this shot.  Bill was actually grooming snowball and licking her gently."

Butler has now gone back to the archives himself.  I head back down the street to shoot some more neighborhood decorations.   Bagman is back from the archives first with  his third post:

I fire back with another Halloween decoration:

BAGMAN:  "Humph.  You did better with your black widow shots last summer."

BUTLER:  "It was a brown widow anyhow.  Tabor was right, you know.  And everyone has seen it already."

So I mysteriously cause night to fall and present it in a spookier light.

BUTLER (looking at it sadly and shaking his head):  "Mark, my dear fellow.  Even with a tripod it looks fuzzy.  You are rushing your shots very badly.

BAGMAN (giggling):  "Let's put him in stocks and throw stones at him."

BUTLER:  "He was too sweet back when he was a tyke to be spooky...Besides, I'm now ready to show you world-class spooky.  Nobody does spooky like the Vatican in Rome!  Behold!"

BUTLER: "Where else to people hang their coffins on the wall for tourists to look at?  I claim victory."

I think for a long time and try one last spooky picture:

BUTLER: "That's not spooky at all!  That's just the empty house down the street where everyone walks their dogs."

BAGMAN:  "I get it!  Over the last three years, because nobody lives there, everyone walks their dogs there!  And it is a very spooky place to walk at night!  Yuck!"

Sighing, I guess I need to explain.  So I tell the story in a deep spooky voice,  "Long ago there was a family that lived here.  A man and his wife and two small children.  He never spoke much to the neighbors.  The children were rarely seen, playing behind the fence on a swing set.   When I tried to talk to the man, he had a distant look in his eyes and a slight tremble in his right hand.  I only saw the woman once, behind the window you can see in the picture, now showing only shadows.  She was pale and wan and almost translucent.  Then one day they all disappeared. 

BAGMAN:  "Ooh!   Did the man murder them?  Are they buried under the overgrown lawn where dogs now poop?"  

Worse, I reply.  The housing market crashed, he lost his job, and the bank forclosed on them.  And the house now sits with many other houses on the market. 

Now that is really spooky.


  1. Oh those hands...they really creep me out!

  2. Yup - some of the stuff in St. Peter's is pretty spooky. And then there's politics....... oh no, that's craziness, not spookiness!

  3. the hands are creepy! the cat shot cracked me up. it was very very spooky ....... until Bagman explained it. still funny shot to me. and what spirit has possessed you this week Mark? the eyes.

  4. As I clicked to visit I wondered what you would have done to your header this week. That's the scariest shot of all. I love the Grim Reaper shot. That is as creepy as the hands I think.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Your cats are evil-looking, really they are.

  6. That mummified body sure is very creepy to me!

  7. I agree this is pretty spooky. You did a great job. My favorite picture is the two cats, Great capture.

  8. I am glad your photos are not the spooky type, because I don't like those ghoulish types. Your are very creative.

  9. Great spooky pictures - love the cats. Trying to think of a suitable caption...

  10. Your neighborhood is stranger and spookier than mine...punctured witch! Bwaahaha! That's my spooky LOL! Very entertaing...I mean O'Possessed Ones of the Archives...I mean Crypt!

  11. You get an A+ for this one. I never saw that boo at the end coming.

  12. You are right the last one is real and I mean real spooky. Very entertaining Mark. Seems like the 3 of YOU have a lot of fun together. I would love to do that, but don't want to be a copy cat. I saw a lot of deflated characters out in the neighborhood. They gave their all. Happy Halloween to y'all.

  13. Those are definitely some scary cats. Sienne is already hiding under the bed.
    I hope that family is doing alright.

  14. definitly a scary story -
    "pontdeficate!" I love it

  15. Oh what scary eyes you have, Mark. Loved the entire post but that mummy is one creepy looking dude.

  16. the first picture at first sight, i thought was an alien hehe...i think im watching too much alien movies.

    those hands are scary...eeee i wouldn't wish to see them for real.

  17. I agree, the last picture and your comments... that's really spooky!

  18. Yeah, the Catholics do spooky well, but the banks do it better.

  19. Eep! That one of the cardinal / bishop / Pope (is it supposed to be him?) with the glasses is pretty spooky!