Monday, February 23, 2009

Bagman throws his pants or It seemed like a good idea at the time

I don’t even understand this one myself. My wife says she gave up trying to figure out why I do things years ago.

But Butler and I had just come inside after putting the finishing touches on the bricks and pine straw around the flowerbeds that the dogs tore up. Butler even took a nice reasonable photograph which is reasonably posted below:

Butler went off to calculate something, I didn’t know where Bagman was, but I was tired and needed a shower, so I turned on the water, took off my dungarees and tossed them toward the clothes hamper. As they floated through the air, they billowed out in an interesting way and suddenly Bagman was erupting in my head. “Throw pants! Throw pants! Bagman wants to throw his pants!”

So I humored him. I put my dungarees back on and got the camera while he took his pajama bottoms off and ran around throwing them then roaring, “Aha!”

Maybe after spending two days placing bricks in a line, this was a release. Pants landed on Sally, landed on furniture, tipped over lamps. Bagman started screaming about photo manipulations and Photoshop and artistic genius and dropping a whole basket of laundry from the roof during a sunset.

My wife came into the living room at one point, either to compliment me on the yard or because she heard a lamp falling over and wondered what I was doing.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Throwing pants,” I said.

“I gave up trying to figure out why you do things years ago,” she said, leaving and shaking her head, then looking back to add. “But please be careful with the lamps.”

I finally ran out of either digital memory or patience and went to walk Sally and then to spend some time with Karen to try and convince her that I wasn't completely nuts.

Bagman is still thinking there must be some way of turning these pictures into art. But I think I agree with Karen. I can’t figure out why I do some things either.


  1. B& you can't figure out why you are throwing your pants. Well, me thinks this is some type of Freudian issue. Maybe your pant's remind you of your mother. Maybe you just don't like your pants.
    Do you think that Karen could maybe buy you some pants that you would really enjoy?
    If not, please let me know. I'm your bloggy friend. I'll see if all the other "follower's" will pitch in to buy you new pants.
    I'm merely concerned for for you and your well being B&B. Sure, by now, you know that....:)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Ah! So much more to this than I thought! It could get very deep. In any case, I am very pleased to have my well being cared for!

  3. I am laughing so hard, I can't type!! I appreciate Bagman's particular brand of humor. That felt good. You don't know how much I needed a good belly laugh this morning. :^)

    Exactly how many shots did it take to get the pix of the pants airborne?

  4. What a hoot!! That Bagman's a riot! Who, but Bagman, would have though tossing pants could turn into an art form!!! Cool!

  5. Throwing pants is better than tossing cookies.

    Whom can understand the mind of a male except another male. And the minds of females? Fagetit. The chair beside my side of the bed is a great receptacle for thrown pants. Until it gets so overloaded that it topples and then does in the lamp. Or unitl there is nothing left to wear.

    And still envy you the gardening weather. Of course, come August, will not envy you that. Taught at Hilton Head for five years. Fled to Woodberry Forest in Central Virginia every summer.

  6. OMG, that is hilarious! I almost spit coffee all over my monitor this morning...

  7. My gawd, that's funny! Those pants take on a whole life of their own as they're flying through the air...

    And it IS an art form...! We have had much less stellar exhibitions at our Vancouver Art Gallery.

  8. Mark, I have awarded you the Best Blog Thinker Award for your humor and storytelling abilities. Visit my blog for more information.

  9. I had a lot of trouble yesterday - your word verification would not come up...anyway my comment for this post was going to be.."so who is wearing the pants in your home?"

  10. you should frame them all and hang them at your front door so they are the first thing people see when they enter. what the hey, frame the pants as well! especially the one with Bagman running crazily in the background, that one is my favourite!

  11. Have you considered a coffee table book?

    They seem like characters in a story. #2 has antennae up for a soft landing. #4 is in serious sprinting mode! How does he do that?

  12. At least you were doing this at home and not in the middle of a busy intersection or something. Not that I'm trying to give Bagman any ideas or anything. (Not like he needs the help.)