Saturday, February 21, 2009

So many comments, so little time

Today is Saturday. Karen is off to staff a booth at a teacher’s job fair. I think, at job fairs, it is always better to be staffing the booth than visiting the booth. So I have the day to myself.

And, of course, a two page To Do list which includes reconstructing the yard from the recent canine blitzkrieg of Brian’s three dogs. Bless their doggy hearts, they have now left to go destroy my sister-in-law’s backyard. I have flowerbeds to rescue and at least 50 doggy holes to fill.

And also, of course, with a million chores to do, the moment Karen drives away, I rush upstairs to check my blog. I’m addicted. Having spent my life becoming addicted then recovering from addiction then running treatment centers to help others with addiction, I know what addiction is. I’m addicted.

My plan is to write a blog about our mattress and the Winter Solstice. But when I log in, I see 9 wonderful comments about my dog, retirement, resident ghosts, and new posts from people I’m following. My head spins!

BAGMAN: “Just tell them all how much you love them! Specially the women!”

BUTLER: “Just break it into small tasks. Read each comment and make a short thoughtful answer. Then read each blog, one at a time, and make a concise and useful comment to each of those as well. Then….”

Aaah! My head spins faster. By then Karen will be returning after standing on her feet in an exhibit booth all day and I will not have filled a single hole!

BAGMAN: Snicker snicker…”filling holes”…snicker snicker…

BUTLER: “Zip it! He doesn’t have time for smutty schoolyard puns!”

I grab my head to stop it from spinning and think about stuffing ear plugs in my ears to keep out the voices of Butler and Bagman but realize their voices are inside my head so earplugs won’t work. And how to bloggers like Barry do it with 10,000 followers. What have I done? 21 is overwhelming!

And yet, I’m also thinking that if I can find some time, I’d like to browse around to see if I can find a few more bloggers that I want to follow and would like to have them follow me. Holy Temsplat! (to use my latest swear word that I picked up from the treasure trove of random non-words that blogspot makes us type in to post comments). Holy temsplat, I really am addicted!

BUTLER: “Calm down. It’s no big deal. The people who make comments are bloggers themselves and they don’t expect you to write long letters answering each and every one of them. And if you skip a day without posting a blog, they won’t kick you off blogspot.”

BAGMAN: “That’s easy for you to say, Butthead! They don’t love you…all logistical and sensible. They love me! And it is a big deal! Because we love them too! We love their blogs! We love their comments! Each one is so special. Each one so different, so passionate, so interesting! Screw the yard and the todo list! The heck with sleeping or working! The hell with real life! Just read and write comments and blogs and love them to pieces…specially the women.”

BUTLER: Personally, I like Barry’s blog because it is about exploring.”

Enough, enough. I finally get Bagman and Butler to quiet down. I take some deep breaths and try to rearrange some moderation into my day. I hope people won’t mind if I don’t answer everything. How do the ones with hundreds of followers keep up? And no matter how addictive this stuff is, I really do want Karen to come home to a reasonably looking yard, so I’ll head outside with the shovel.

But first I’ll read just one more blog that somebody just posted…


  1. This is my first visit to your blog...I read your comment over at Julie's place. Your style is unique! I'll be back to read you again soon!


  2. Fun post-- it is a balancing act, isn't it? As long as you're able to get out there & work on that yard (etc.) seems you're doing ok. Blogging such as this is creative work, & creative work does take some time. & I think interacting with followers is one of the fun parts of blogging; tho (just for me) I don't believe it's critical to leave a comment on every blog I follow each time a new post comes up-- just a goodly % of the time.

  3. At least down there in The Heart Of The Confederacy, all y'all can dig. My yard here in The Old Dominion, the home of Morse Robert (Mary and Martha Custis' Eastern Shore home is just down the road a piece), is frozen as hard as a rock. But the fuzzy buds on the star magnolias are getting ready to explode so Spring is right around the corner. And then the blogging will get farther and farther between. To blog or to weed, that is the dilemma.

    Nice computer niche. I will not send you a picture of mine. Surrounded by physics and chemistry books and notes. All sorts of computer-type miscellania (aka crap). Stained coffee cups lines up in a row.

  4. It is such a balancing act. Do I read and comment on blogs I find interesting? Do I write my own posts and hope they find a reader somewhere? Do I work on my book? Do I rake all of those leaves that should have been raked up in November? This whole blog thing is a devilish addiction!

  5. Here is an addicted one as well. I should be packing for a trip tomorrow, but here I sit reading & putting up a blog that will have to last a few days. Spring is here!