Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Turning off the verification words

I’m figuring I need to take a break. I let Bagman drive home since he gets here much faster after work. I figure I’ve got thirty minutes before the family arrives. I decide I’m going to avoid Blogspot entirely and just concentrate on working on a couple of more normal photographs…something other than flying pants…maybe a landscape. Or a reflection of trees I took the other day. But I know I don’t need to blog because I had Butler post some warning signs this morning that I might be missing a bit.

But I do decide to check my email before turning on Photoshop. And my eyes pop open (Bagman’s eyes pop open even wider) to find one of the wonderful goddesses of blog (blogdesses?) who has taken the trouble to email me to tell me that the verification thing doesn’t work and nobody can make comments on my blog!

I couldn’t panic any more if the house was on fire. Although I wouldn’t have to panic if the house was on fire because Butler already has a prioritized list of what to remove and save and Bagman would be taking pictures of it while throwing his clothes at it. But I digress. As usual.

I panic. I immediately go to Blogspot and turn off the verification thing that protects me from spam comments. Wait. How many spammers are going to comment on flying pants anyway? If it becomes a problem, I can turn it back on. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

So it is off now. Butler, of course, frets because he is afraid that this simple act will immediately infect my computer with a virus. Bagman doesn’t care much except that he does like the verification thing on other people’s blogs. In fact, Bagman, I’m embarrassed to say, has actually been collecting a list of verification non-words or pseudo-words in a separate file.

BAGMAN: “Yes! I’m going to do a blog in which I write definitions of them!”

BUTLER: “We’ll have to turn on the adult warning label!”

Anyhow, we haven’t given Bagman actual access to the Dashboard so he can write anything independently, so I’m not worried.

But, I have just realized that having promised I would spend time away from blogging and work in Photoshop, I’ve gone and done another blog instead! I really need to go to Bloggers Anonymous. “Hello. My name is Mark and I can’t stop blogging.”

BAGMAN: Yes! Start a group! We can meet bloggers in person. And bloggesses! And we can blog about it!”


  1. Yay! Though it would be qiute a trek from Australia to catch up for a coffee!

  2. Thank you! That word verification drives me frickin batty!

  3. HA HA, what a great sense of humor you all have. You have just coined a new term that you should copyright or whatever they do. Blogdess - I can see it printed on tshirts and worn across the world!

  4. Hi Mark.
    I have just left a comment on your flying pants post minus word verification...

    and you are unfortunately too late with the definitions idea - someone actually does that as a blog... however I am sure that B&B could do a good twist on the theme.

  5. Hey Mark the blogosphere must be playing around with us because I had to change the format so bloggers could leave comments.
    I love the word verification, like you I am collecting word verifications and will do a post on them one day.
    Another wonderful humourous post...you are a natural comedian.

  6. Great! I tried to leave a comment this morning on your previous post and couldn't get past the WV. Thanks for turning it off! Yay! I disabled mine about a year ago and haven't had any trouble.

  7. Still laughing...you write the best posts!!! I didn't realize you were following my blog until I came over via your profile...you don't show up on my side! It's a pleasure to be following yours, Mark! :)

  8. I just turned mine off too, after a friend told me she couldn't comment. What you can do is turn comment moderation on, so you have to read and approve each comment before it's posted. That way you avoid the spam.

  9. oh good, i thought it was just me and my incompetent computer skills. i now have to go repeat my comment from yesterday!

  10. Word verification seems unnecessary. Glad you've done away with it.

  11. I was having all sorts of problems leaving messages over the past couple of days. I understand from one commenter that google has fixed the problem and life can go back to normal. Butler should feel revealed.


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