Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: REFLECTIONS

Reflections in a glass building above

and a couple of reflective self-protraits below

I'm posting my Friday shootout a little early this week because I've been finding less and less time to work on Blogspot and if I don't do it now, I may not get to it until after the weekend. I could schedule it, of course, but I also wanted to change the header picture and I can't figure out a way to schedule that until later.

BAGMAN: "Blah blah blah...always having to explain yourself."

I cheered at this week's theme because reflections have always caught my eye since I first had a camera. So my post naturally spreads across time and space this week. The hard part was picking and choosing.

I remember some early black and white things but have not yet found them in my endless project of scanning old negatives into digital format. But the earliest one I found was from 1971 of my grandmother near a pond. I think it was taken with my first SLR which lacked auto-focus.

1975 / Dallas

Sometime, somewhere, who knows...

Then, for some reason, I took a lot of reflection shots in Venice a few years ago.

BAGMAN: For some reason!!!? Don't tell me you don't know!!! You took a lot of reflection shots in Venice because there's a lot of WATER in Venice! Duh!!

This last one was reflected in a mylar balloon, Bagman. So there!

The next two below are reflections on Real Estate...the market has been sinking lately.

As well as the auto industry.

And a couple of miscellaneous ones below.

Here endeth the Friday Shootout...and...

BAGMAN: You can't end something with the word "and" !!!

BUTLER: I have to admit Bagman is correct there.

But I just did.


  1. Good afternoon, I think this is your best show yet! I love the photo of your grandmother and those Venice pictures are wonderful. This was a great subject for you. Have a great weekend.

  2. I must be dyslexic. I had to look a long time to see any reflection in your header picture...but I was looking for an image.

    I love the real estate reflections. They convey the shakiness we all feel about an economy based on borrowing, not production.

  3. Wonderful reflections!! I loved the one of your Grandmother!! All of them were wonderful - loved the crane too!! Great shots. Have a great weekend.

  4. All of your photos are magnificent. I really like the boats under the bridge in Venice with the buildings reflecting off the water. My favorite though, is the one of your grandmother. She looks so peaceful and her reflection looks like a ghostly figure. Very well done. Great post. I always enjoy your stuff. Have a great afternoon.

  5. a really nice post B&B. so many favs, the real estate, your Grandmother, and also the step windows on the side of the building. great job!!

  6. I, once again, enjoyed each and everyone. have a great weekend.

  7. Me too loved your header ...I did laugh outloud.

    Venice ohhhhh so lovely are very gifted aren't you?

    Don't do any headmiles on that my friend! haha

    I did do some but I think I might need a better camera...

    I don't get much time on here either ...a few times I week I grab a few minutes between living live to the full! I still enjoy it though. Yes I do.

  8. Man that is a hard act to follow. I am so new to this blogging I only have a few reflections. I got some good ideas from you though. I am learning.

  9. (: !snoitcelfer ruoy dekil yllaer I

  10. Always enjoy your posts and photos. The reflections on Real Estate almost have an impressionistic quality to them.

  11. AWESOME! I especially liked Venice and the Real Estate market! Would love to see the b&w's when you find them

  12. you always get so into the theme. I like your "reflected" blog header. thanks for sharing. I love the reflections in the yellow globes.

  13. Ok -- I'm in HEAVEN! Your reflections are great. Grab the Mrs. and let's all go to Venice. We'll do some killer photo walks in that most watery, reflective, romantic place.

  14. I liked the shots of Venice the best. Gonna have to get there sometime.

    Very enjoyable post as always!

    I also agree with Linda's comment, whatever it says.

  15. When I first hit your site I immediately saw that your little friend was backwards. It is the photographer in me. I remember shapes and compositions. Can't remember a face for all the money in the world. Isn't that odd? Took a split second to see the writing and realize what you had done - you are so clever.

    Naturally, you know I like the photo of your grandmother the best. Dorothea wants to go Venice with Bagman.

    You awed me with your other photos. Perfection.

  16. GAH! I wish I'd thought of using my venice shots!!!! I spend more time thinking that I lack originality during the shoot outs than I spend on anything else! My fav is the crane reflected in the stair step windows. It took me a few moments to decipher what I was looking at - it could have easily been a mural of some sort!

  17. just in case you missed this - thought you might enjoy it.

  18. I've never been to Venice, but I do like Vienna Sausages on a campout. Does that count? Your shoot-outs are never dull. Great stuff!

  19. Fabulous pictures! Just getting caught up on my blog reading! Happy Saturday!

  20. Absolutely stunning photos - I love them all.

  21. Wow!! You did a great job Mark! I didn't do anything for this week or last, Oi!

  22. I loved the shot of Venice in the mylar balloon = What an eye you have, Sirs... x