Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Shoot=out Yard Objects...YAWN

It is Friday. I force my baggy eyes open...

BAGMAN: "Don't you dare use MY name as part of your usual whining introduction!!"


BUTLER: "Nor mine! Be a man, for Pete's sake!"

PETE: "Absolutely!"

How did Pete get in here? Who is Pete? Not another dog, I hope. I think I'm losing it. But here is my Friday shoot-out. Sorry there are no piles of dead fleas in my front yard. Well, there probably are, but I couldn't find them.

TThe morning paper is delivered in front yards

The morning paper is recycled in front yards

Everything is recycled in front yards in yard sales.

Some people REALLY don't want you parking in their front yards!
("I'm sorry officer, I didn't understand. Maybe they need another sign?)

Some people don't support this week's Friday Shoot-out theme.

Some people have ghosts in their front yards. This is Poogan's Porch, by day a favorite restaurant in downtown Charleston. By night, stop on the city's "Ghost Walk". Before becoming a restaurant, Poogan's Porch was a large home originally inhabited by a wealthy family with a maid who died but continued cleaning which caused the property to go through a large number of owners, none of whom stayed very long. Although I can't understand why because if my house was getting cleaned overnight, even by a ghost, I'd stick around forever hoping for a ghost that cooks, a ghost that walks dogs, etc. But the last family that lived there had a small dog named Poogan. This family left so quickly in terror that they left their dog. For a long time the dog, Poogan, stayed on the porch where passers-by fed it. But finally, it, too, died and went to dog heaven. And the place became a restaurant. But since that time there have been many instances where people who were eating at the outdoor tables on the porch would suddenly feel something furry rubbing against their legs. Particularly when they were eating the mocha cake dessert. They would run away in terror. (Or maybe they were just skipping out on paying the bill.)

I shot this during the ghost tour but did not see Poogan. I even squatted down and called the dog but no canine apparition appeared.

However, when I got home, I had several mysterious flea bites on my legs. So I think there are also the ghosts of many fleas at Poogan's Porch.


And I was going to do more for this Friday's shootout but fell asleep. I'm exhausted, for God's sake!

GOD: "Don't use my name in your whining either!"


  1. So who was Pete again?

    And a guest appearance in your post by God? Lets see Conan or Letterman top that one!

    Great fun as always.

  2. Always a pleasure to read your posts, Mark!

  3. So much fun! I love the ghost story. There is a restaurant is a suburb of Vancouver that also allegedly has ghosts but to the best of my knowledge, they don't clean! Yup, I 'd be willing to take some of those cleaning ghosts off of their hands!

    I also love the recylcing pics - a topic near and dear for me!

  4. What a beautiful neighbourhood you have, Mark. I am very curious about the restaurant too.....sounds creepy! ooooh *shudder* :D

  5. You should really write a book (maybe you have). You're a writer I enjoy reading. Always entertaining.

  6. What kind newspaper is that? I want to see the newspaper.

    Did you buy anything at the yard sale? I know you did.

    I always love a good ghost story but we need a campfire and some marshmallows.

    I so want to photograph that "no photography" facility! Please. Please. Will you go with me?

    Great shoot out. You have shamed me. Sigh.

  7. Wonderful humor :) Happy Friday...I think now, I will follow you. It's so difficult not to, and keep up. My list grows by the week :)

    By following, I'll be reminded to keep you in prayer too. That is good.

  8. Yes, we bought several things at the yard sale. Half of them we will probably sell someday when we have a yard sale.

  9. Giggle, snort..I always love your posts!!! Sarah

  10. Apparently there was no serious repercussion for photographing that top-secret"facility." What was that anyway? Funny!

  11. I am with Sarah...snort snort!

  12. Going back to that restaurant during the weekend! Don't forget to wear long trousers and socks, even if the weather is hot!

  13. Those No Parking Signs are quite funny. Great Shoot-Out.

  14. What idiot would turn down ghost cleaning (or ghost writing for that matter)? Not this idiot.

  15. I love ghost stories! Oh, yeah, the newspaper in the yard was a real treat too. Loved, loved, loved it. I'm still smiling.

  16. Wonderful laugh session. I sure needed that. Dealing with every day stuff with a family of 6 grown children and 12 Grands. Gratitude for your humor.

  17. interesting story of the house, I feel so sad for the dog left behind. (was this a true story? probably not!) I wouldn't mind a ghost keeping my house clean. great post!

  18. Ahhh! You're picture scared me! And then your post scared me. I'm glad the ghost maid has a doggy companion now - what an interesting ghost story that would make, what makes a spirit stick around anyway? Cleaning of all things. Why not go to Paris or stow away on a cruise ship?

    The bottom picture of the porch is gorgeous by the way.

  19. It doesn't get any better than having a ghost clean your house, in fact I am always left wondering which ghost in my house has messed it up so one that cleaned instead would be nice. ;D

    Your ghost restraunt story reminded me of a strange dream that I once had... maybe I will write about it. (hmmm. me thinks you should write a book called "The Butler and Bagman Chronicles," making sure to keep Bagman in check of course. ;D

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, dispite my not having a shoot-out this week. How did you all find out the theme anyway, I tried looking on Gordons site but got nowhere... I guess I just missed the boat this week. (Paddling quickly here, someone throw me a life saver). ;D


  20. If you don't come visit me anymore I am not going to leave a comment saying I like this post and totally understand 'soooo tired'.....

    Funny boy BB


  21. LOL! This was awesome! I lived in a house that had a child ghost. She rattled the nerves at first but then we got used to her. lol

  22. LOL - I had a different idea of what you might post...and only you could get away with it!

    Your writing is so fresh and engaging...and funny! Love the pictures too.

  23. Apparently you damaged your eyes when you pried them open..... Hysterical post, as per usual.

  24. I so want a photo of whatever is behind the sign that says 'no photos' it must be something really bad, couldn't you sneak a peak and just tell us - don't take a photo we don't want to have to take you to the hospital or to get you out of jail, just look through that little spot where the paper is falling down...

  25. Your posts are always unique, and I look forward to seeing them. You didn't disappoint with this fun post.