Saturday, July 25, 2009

I promise I have not disappeared...completely

Bear with me, folks. I'm not going to pull a disappearing act, but I just can't keep up these days. Mostly I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep up on your posts...I miss reading about what you are all doing. Alas. The hours in the day are finite.


  1. Thanks for checking in - it's always tough when someone just disappears - but by leaving a little note like this, we know you are ok and just have too much to do! Take care and post when you have a chance. Blessings to you and your entire family.

  2. Mildred expressed what I was thinking. I have enjoyed reading your posts this past week. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Until next time......CHEERS!

  3. Take a break, you deserve it. You will be back. One can't help it. Love your blog.

  4. Miss you, but understand, we all have to take a break now and then. But as Queenmothermamaw said, you'll be back! Let's face it, we're all addicted!
    Holding good thoughts for you!

  5. You have been dropping hints for a couple weeks about being overloaded, I miss though seeing your comments on 'flowers' I always feel truly complimented by your comments. will watch with baited breath for your return.

  6. Butler I know how you feel.
    Blogging is delicious but life must be lived. I'm having more balance these days myself.
    June in Oz

  7. Come back when you are ready.

  8. I do miss your comments ...

    And I am also busy ...we must do life ..whatever comes our way first's not our decision *smile* ...

    God has a plan.

  9. I sooo know how you feel!! Summer days are busy and keeping me from the computer also, and I miss it terribly. It centers me somehow to visit with everyone and see what is new in their little corner of the world. But work and family must come first, and the computer will wait for me. But it feels good to be on for now, visiting all my favorite blogs, leaving a comment or two, and knowing that I am not the only one that is trying to squeeze it all in to 24 hours!! ciao, Debby

  10. Never worry, Sirs - There really aren't enough hours in the day, to do all that we would ever wish to do...

    Fact is, you're there, you're breathing and doing great things, and we can wait for when you feel like it again... Love to you all x

  11. Its all good, I'm lucky to check in once a week with my blogging buddies. Just enjoy your summer, we'll be here when you get back!

  12. I'll miss your insights B&B
    Your photos and your company
    The dog days are here and your time is tight
    But you'll come back to my delight
    Hemmingway was great it's true
    He doesn't hold a candle to you
    So, until you have an urge to share
    Be safe and hey, I can be patient and wait and itch and bury anxiety and forget to breath and check everyday and tap and pace and sweat.....
    and miss you. I'm really happy blogs don't play Tony Orlando tunes while they put you on hold.=D

  13. it is hard to keep on once you get into blogging. it does take much time. if I wasn't off work right now recovering from back surgery, I would not have the time to invest here. everyone needs a break now and then.

  14. Did you burn yourself out Mark?
    Blogging is supposed to be fun. Try and find a way to live your life and blog as well.
    Don't worry if you are unable to visit everyone all the time.
    I am so pleased I stumbled across your blog.
    You are a very special human being.....all three of you!
    Take care mate

  15. You are definitely one of my favourite blogs, but I completely understand time pressures and the need to actually live a life.

    I'll be grateful for whatever you can give us!

  16. I totally understand where you are coming from. I will remain a loyal reader!

  17. There are days and weeks like that; you are not the only one! Even bloggers need som vacation! :-)