Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Hometown Shootout - Power

OK -- I just realized that I had the wrong theme this week! It is too late to change pictures now and I don't have many food pictures. So I'll quickly ammend some of the captions. Maybe next week I'll find food pictures that I can add "power captions" to....what a mish mash. Woe is me!
I haven't posted all week and was actually thinking of blowing this off too...but...hard to give it up completely. So here is my power theme. Although I may not write a whole lot.

BAGMAN: Except to complain as usual! You're a piece of work, Mark!
BUTLER: Leave him alone. He's been under a lot of stress lately.

Myrtle Beach (near enough to Charleston) -- Prehistoric Power
or maybe commercial advertising power.
Regarding food: this guy ate everything...including the wall.
More raw animal power...although this was nowhere near Charleston --
1984, off the coast of New England
...Having just finished eating krill

Mechanical power -- new street coming through
"Chews through dirt and rock like it was oatmeal."

More mechanical power
Nice teeth for biting through delicious rocks.

Fort Moultrie -- protecting the coast during Revolutionary and Civil Wars
(Referred to here as the War of Northern Aggression)

The problem was that many of the ships off shore did not have to come into range of these guns because they were not so much interested in attacking the shore as they were in blockading the harbor so that FOOD and supplies couldn't be brought into Charleston.

BAGMAN: That was a stretch.

Zoom Power -- Not mine, but from a recent car show in Mount Pleasant

These engines DRINK a lot of gasoline.

Also, unfortunately not mine

Tae Kwon Do Power -- Look at the face on Ralph, a friend of mine --
The expression alone would break wood

Ralph will kick me silly if he sees this, but in order to edit this post to meet the food theme, I should also suggest you glance at All muscle. Well, maybe not all muscle...

And here am I, three years ago, being powerful during my black belt test
Of course my hand looks like "Dancing with the Stars"

And maybe a bit of food has gone under this belt as well...

And finally, Roxie-power. Sweet but strong. And Roxie is probably one of the main reasons I've stopped blogging. And the jury is now out as to whether we can even keep her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body but doesn't know her own strength and this week she pulled Karen off her feet and literally dragged her halfway across the street. Multiple bruises, abraisions and pain. Yesterday we were sure we would have to adopt her out somehow although it broke all our hearts. Today we're re-thinking it. But to really train her right is a fulltime deal. And leaves little room for blogging or checking other people's posts.

And, for this week's food theme -- As we now have three dogs (old Sally, Daisy the rat-dog, and Alpha Roxie) we started feeding them in separate bowls in three corners of the kitchen. Roxie's bowl is three times larger than the others. And they are pretty good. We make them sit -- except Sally who is deaf. We put down her bowl first and then Roxie's and then Daisy's. We run around direct each of them to their own bowls although each one looks at the others. Take a bite of your own bowl, lift your head, check out the other bowls. Roxie eats! Daisy the rat-dog sort of eats but looks afraid all the time. Sally sometimes just lies down. Karen encourages Daisy and wakes up Sally. I jump from side to side blocking Roxie who after a few moments tries to move to other bowls. Eventually, Karen and I get distracted. Let the games begin.

Roxie moves to Daisy's bowl and Daisy runs away.
Sally wakes up and starts eating out of Roxie's bowl.
Daisy see's Sally's bowl unattended and runs over and starts eating out it.
Roxie sees Sally at her bowl and reclaims it.
Sally goes to Daisy's bowl and lies down.
Daisy sees Sally at her bowl and runs away.
Roxie sees that Daisy has abandonned Sally's bowl and heads for it.
Daisy comes back in and goes to Roxie's bowl which is so big, she gets in it to eat.
Roxie goes back to her bowl, notices that there is a dog there instead of food and
shakes her head in confusion.
Sally stands up, takes two bites from Daisy's bowl and falls asleep for the night.
Daisy looks up and sees Roxie looking down at her, runs into the livingroom and
lies down on the couch.
Roxie eats everything left in all the rest of the bowls...

Thus illustrating both Power and Food simultaneously.

BUTLER: I'm glad you got your post straightened out.

But at least I got the Friday Shoot done. I even fiddled with my header picture, as usual, although it was probably too subtle to notice.


  1. hmmm, the candle looks supercharged today.
    Great shots, Mark! Yours is the first shootout post I've looked at this morning, and I'm wondering - I'm nervous, I might have been hallucinating, but I thought the theme was "outdoor food" and now I'm going to look pretty silly.

  2. Ahhh BB...I am empathising madly....having no time either in this crazy world of mine right now.

    Love to you all, but especially you Baggy, I feel like being a bit crazy, come on over and lets go play somewhere.....leave Butler at home...:)


  3. Hmmm great shots are befuddled though aren't you? Power is next week ..this week is outdoor food ...


    Sending love and light the next right thing, my friend. Remember God has a plan ...and you don't have to do anything but your part.

    Sarah xxx

  4. Quite a collection of photos. You have lived a rich life. I love the whale photo and the black belt shots. Who cares if you got the them you already done for next week.

    The dog situation is serious. You have to be able to train it or give it away to someone stronger.

  5. As above, neat pictures.

    Our tiny little daughter has a 2/3 Rottweilwer, 1/3 husky and shepherd, Callie. She started using a prong collar and now has a gentle leader. They are both effective at keeping her from being dragged after squirrels. And at training. I liked the prong. The Whisperer says they do not hurt, just remind Callie who is the alpha. She can feel my teeth on her neck when another dog comes near. Still needs that. Have you tried them?

  6. for thought. I am confused. I did get a prong collar although I wince when she winces...and we signed up for a training class. I don't think I have any food shots anyhow. I'm so far behind I'm ahead. Ah well...

  7. I think I noticed. You had the words backwards. I was going to say something and then got distracted probably by reading your post that day.

    Good luck with your Roxie decision. That is not an easy one. I did give my dog anti-anxiety drops for a few years. - drops for anxiety.

  8. love the shot of the Humpback whale. Sorry to hear about your dog. Sounds serious - best of luck with your decision.

  9. The cannon guarding a blockaded port is such a good metaphor for what's wrong with our military industrial complex. Spending so much on defense industry while neglecting social and environmental needs is exactly what brought down the Soviet empire and is threatening to do the same here, just as Eisenhower warned it would.

  10. Great save, my friend. (Oops, almost wrote "fiend," a subconscious reference to Bagman, no doubt).

  11. Oh, I love your take on food. That is what makes this so interesting. You never know what people will post - and you always have a surprise.

    I am pitiful this week, but again, I made the deadline.

    Love those engines. Grrrrrrrr. Looks like you have a mighty fine motor yourself.

    Have a great weekend. Think of me this evening when I am shooting a beauty pageant, trying to get all those names right and shoot at the same time.

    Bagman should come along. He is so bored these days.

  12. I am really sorry to hear about Karen. Lindsay used to terrorize me, not quite as badly as that because she's not as big, but she sure is strong! I hope she heals quickly. I will pray. Put Roxie in a kennel for a few days and have a break!
    Like me last week, you managed a 2 for 1 this week. Brilliant recovery, sir! I have to agree with Bagman on the cannon shot though... supplies are a stretch. More humbly, I am no one to comment on anything here! I have no actual food on my blog, only places where you can find food. Some peoples' shoot outs are positively causing drooling! Okay, maybe that car engine pictured here does that, but it's for power, not for flavour! Talk about giving yourself gas!

  13. You know I almost did the same thing. All week long I thought I was working on power :{ When I looked last night and saw food I was really glad that I had taken the pictures of the Low country boil from the sweetheart's birthday cook out last weekend. Loved you post as always. And Remember Reggie use to say "NO Rules" so you can just do any subject any time you want :)

  14. The description of the dogs eating...honestly, you could do a show!

    My heart goes out to Karen, having been dragged down the street myself, I understand.

    I know Roxie is a lot of work, but oh, I hope you keep her. You can see how smart she is, and sweet. I wish I could adopt her - I have such a soft spot for big dogs who get a bad stereotype because they are big.

    Good luck!

  15. this was a no brainer give more time to blogging or more time to Roxie the super dog. glad you made the right choice and now you have two weeks done as one and can take a whole two weeks off - until aug. 14 topic not yet decided. look at our suggestions list, look at your archives, vote for a suggestion - hint - hint.
    Roxie has some common characteristics with our Spritzer the super watch dog - Poor Camillo is going crazy replanting the garden.... blog story to follow.

  16. sorry one more question - does and super powerful engine go zoom zoom or vrooom vroom?

  17. When I was growing up in my Dad's house, we ate everything. I MEAN everything. That included a monitor lizard, which your first pix reminds me of.

    Do you still do Te Kwan Do? My son does Karate, but to the displeasure of my aunties. You see, long time ago, a doc during a competition kicked and killed someone in my town. More recently, a 17 yr old was killed by a 15. I will pray for my son when he does karate.

  18. Hahah I do so love that you said you are so far behind you are ahead ..and I loved the added captions!

  19. Oh, well saved, indeed! The only double banger shoot out I've seen but I bet it won't be bettered! I think it's a classic!

  20. whew. Your stories are the reason I come. No disappointment this week. Good job merging themes!

  21. That was some powerfull food for thought! I broke a board once. I sat on it. I think I had a black belt on at the time, also.
    Enjoyed the Outdoor power of it all.

  22. love these pictures..its ok, we all get mixed up sometimes, at least, I know I do..good job.

  23. Very creative post. Loved the photos.

  24. your power shots are amazing. love Roxie. what a cutie!