Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Karen always slow-cooks the turkey, wrapped in aluminum foil, all night so we wake to a drool-inducing house.  I've already pre-posted a small but smiling faces post for tomorrow.   But before the kids arrive and we begin Thankfulness in the world outside the computer, I thought I would take a moment to tell all of you how much I have enjoyed being part of the Blogspot Community.

I love you all.  



  1. I guess we all have much to be thankful for - all year round!

  2. I regularly read your blog, though i dont comment. Your blog has provided a window for me to peep into another culture, in another part of the world, so different from mine, yet the same.

    Thanks to you too. Its been wonderful reading you. TC

  3. Hey a secret admirer. See there B&B you still got it. Happy Turkey day to you and yours.

  4. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mark. We do have such a wonderful blogging community, don't we? And I'm very thankful for that in particular today.

    Enjoy that turkey!


  5. Love you right back Mark.

    Happy Thanksgiving up there in the USA.

    And's meeting (lunchtime) that I just came back from ...was being grateful *smile*.

  6. The shape of Sam is just like yours. When the British call him an egg head, we didn't know if it was a compliment. Then we found out that the Eggheads were a reality quiz intellectual show of a team of 5 great eggheads , challenged by contenders who had never been able to beat the egg heads.

    Happy Thanks giving. We don't do it here.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy that turkey ;-)

  8. I'm sure the turkey proved worth the wait! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. All the best! Love you too! (((HUGS)))