Friday, November 13, 2009

Hometown Shootout - Places of Worship

Today's theme was chosen by Rebecca

I've attended many different churches, but I don't seem to have taken pictures of them.  So this will probably be a somewhat odd shootout. 

BUTLER:  "What else is new."

Actually, the first thing I thought about was a verse from Thessalonians (yes, I had to look it up), that suggests -- "admonishes us" is probably more Biblically sounding -- to pray without ceasing or pray continually.  I've given that some thought over the years.  Pretty quickly, I decided that I couldn't do that if it meant formal prayer.  I don't think I do formal prayer very well anyhow, let alone continually.  But maybe it is more of an attitude.  Don't think I do that very well either.  But the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous has helped over the years.

Until a couple of weeks ago when my A.A. Homegroup moved, this was the place where we met.   We always end the group by standing in a circle and saying the Lords Prayer, but just as important is the sharing and support that goes on during the meeting.

While I don't pray continually, I do throw out little blurts to God from time to time.  Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on my state of mind.  Almost always when I'm driving and pass those little wooden crosses that some family has placed at the scene of a past accident.  "Dear God, bless that family. Amen." 

I talk to God in bullet points -- which is strange for someone who writes such long wordy blogs. 

Another place of worship, believe it or not is:

I don't know when I started this habit.  When someone would cut me off in traffic, I used to always lean on the horn and flip them the bird and scream at them.  But quite a while ago, I made a decision and developed a habit that is now pretty deeply ingrained.  Whenever someone cuts me off, my first thought is...

BAGMAN :  "Come on, Mark!  Be honest!"

But within moments, my next thought is "Dear God, give that person a better day.  Amen."

Probably the most regular and constant place of worship for me is:

Karen, my wife, almost always leaves for work an hour before I do.  But whichever one of  us leaves first we are usually hurrying.  But once we, mostly she gets in the car she calls back on her cell phone (Yes, I know, I least she isn't texting and she uses an earpiece.) and I'll read a daily reading from the book above.  Then each of us says a prayer -- whatever is on our minds.   It is one of the rituals we really enjoy.

Well, that's about it.  A fairly short shootout for me.  I can't resist, however, posting the photo below from a trip we once took to Italy -- from the roof of St. Peters.  I know that I've posted it before.  But it is one of my favorite photos and fits the theme so I can't help but post it again. 



  1. I do a lot of talking to God when I'm in the car too. I like the ritual that you and your wife have. What a nice way to stay connected to one another. I really love the last photo. I've not seen it before.

  2. That post is just short of genius! I say that because I don't think I'd recognize a genius if I tripped over him/her. Funnily enough, I have a similar prayer when something I don't like happens when I'm driving. I send out a quick prayer, "Please, God, send that guy some joy." And that last photo is truly beautiful.

  3. That last photo is amazing.
    I love so much that your wife calls you and you talk on the phone and do a reading. Ohh that is so lovely.

    I always say the Lord's prayer on the way out of my driveway.

    At our meetings in Australia ....we usually end the meeting with the Serenity Prayer. xxx

  4. That's a really lovely ritual. I pray in my car too. I think many people who've experienced Johannesburg traffic have sent up a desperate shout to the Lord at least once ;-)

  5. excellent post, B&B. God has blessed you with incredible gifts, for you see the world in a way not all of us do and you are willing to share it!

  6. I also am not a formal prayer type person, I think that God is in our minds therefore there is no real reason for saying a prayer out loud - unless it is a montra that comforts US. I like your (you and Karen's) communication with each other - in our theme for the week of not letting the important things go unsaid - this daily ritual fits.

  7. Wonderful as very true!! Sarah

  8. I'm going to try real hard to be that generous to the next moron--no, I meant person--who cuts me off. Good post!

  9. I am not a religous least organized religion...but I think you have got a great lifestyle going with this places of worship thing.

  10. Your post today travels to very personal spaces, thank you for sharing them. I stopped using dumbass, and started giving out "driver of the day" awards. I liked your prayer though. The roof of St. Peter's is awe inspiring.
    Beautiful! Hugs from Barry and I.

  11. I like the roof of St. Peter's as well.

  12. "I talk to God in bullet points."

    I laughed when I read that. Me too. :-)

  13. I just posted that under an old account.

    Is it Friday the 13th today?

  14. I love the daily ritual that you have with your wife. you both must have a peaceful feeling after that. I also pray and talk to God while in my car. most of the time on the way to work. have a great weekend!!

  15. Prayers are for me as Catholic very formal and repetitive. That is up to a few years ago I learned to pray differently. For instance, they say when washing your hands sing Happy Birthday twice, well I say The Lord's Prayer twice. I just stick prayers in when I need to count off time. Now for spiritual reflection, that is different. You are a very spiritual person I have been in Al Anon for years. I now pray spontaneously instead of so ritual. Well who knew. Great post.

  16. Well, at least you posted which is more than I can say for some people I know...I wonder who they can be?

    I think you need to upgrade your wife to a BlackBerry for Christmas. Get one for yourself, too. It won't give you more time but it can organize your life a little better.

    Love the last photo.

    Have a great weekend. We are still drying out. Storm hit us good.

  17. I think like Bagman, the first word comes to my mind is Sh**.

    You are good, I must remember to learn from you. Though the Sh** word just slip out of my mouth.

    The other day, after cell phones are banned when driving this month, this i**** woman was holding her phone to her ear and swerved to my side. I wanted to shout Sh** and get off the **** phone.

  18. I pray when I pass the crosses along the sides of the roads, too. And here in Redneck Florence (you do know that your comment acheived 'Bill-worthy' status?) I pray when I see a helocopter: someone is being airlifted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

    A nice post for my Saturday morning, thank you! (Where can I read who's Bagman, and why Butler?)

  19. What a great post! I talk to God throughout the day to...I really think that is prayer without ceasing. Is sure does help doesn't it?

    I love the angle of that last pic too.

  20. Love the St Peter's photo - glad you couldn't resist including it.

  21. I love the last one from Italy - I want to go so badly! As soon as I stumble across a giant pile of money, I'm there :)