Friday, May 13, 2011

Damn Blogspot screwed up my Friday Shoot!

I suppose the computer geeks at Blogspot are already feeling condemned and pressured and under stress for the fact it went down for two I should be compassionate.  But it is really frustrating.

I am assuming that many of the rest of you had the same problem and it wasn't just my blog that went down.

The really frustrating part was that I was in the midst of doing the Friday Shootout on Medical folks -- nurses, doctors, etc.  and I had persuaded Barclay to do a guest post and to show and comment on several of his pictures from his medical missions in Africa.   We had about 10 shots and he had worked for a couple of hours to write captions and when Blogspot came back they had only recovered three shots and no captions.   I will try to post the pictures later today and then see if I can get him to do the work over again.  



  1. I know! I know! frustrating when things don't work when you want them to.

  2. I was cussing my poor little puter out when it wasn't my little puter after all. Do put up those photos from Africa. I love missionary blogs.

  3. I look forward to the recreated post. 'Barcley the wonder doctor.'
    I write the posts on window live writer. then I have a saved copy on my desktop.....